Lithium Orotate

An ultra-pure source of lithium that promotes a healthy mood and positive attitude.

The low-dose lithium in Lithium Orotate supports brain health. It is a safe and potent source of lithium that helps you maintain a positive mood and sense of well-being. Additionally, it supports cognitive function for people of all ages.


Lithium Orotate

Lithium Orotate is an ultra-pure and safe source of lithium, a mineral that supports brain health.

Clinically Researched
Lithium has been proven essential for some animals and may be essential for humans as well.

Benefits of Lithium Orotate
Higher lithium levels in drinking water have been linked to better self-control. Additionally, higher lithium blood levels are linked to lower incidences of self-harm.

Dietary supplementation with low-dose lithium promotes healthy mood, sociability, and self-esteem. Another benefit is that low-dose lithium supplementation supports cognitive function in the elderly.

Easy to Take
The orotate form of lithium is well absorbed and well tolerated.



Ingredients & Facts

  • Lithium (as Orotate)
    Lithium orotate is a very safe, well tolerated, and well absorbed dietary source of lithium. The orotate part of the molecule delivers lithium to the body in its biochemically active form, the positively charged lithium ion (Li+). Orotate occurs naturally in our diet and is also routinely made in the body. The BrainMD team screened several manufacturers to secure a very pure source of lithium orotate.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 60
Amount Per Serving %DV
Lithium (as Orotate) 5 mg
† Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

The Science

BrainMD’s Lithium Orotate is a very pure and safe source of lithium, a mineral that supports brain health. Lithium is widely distributed in waters and soils and has been proven essential to the health of rats and goats though not yet for humans.1 Lithium is normally present in all our organs and tissues, and research is ongoing to clarify how lithium supports, promotes and enhances human health. This dietary supplement provides a very low dose of lithium that is considerably and distinctly lower than conventional medicinal lithium.

Lithium has many possible actions in the body. The lithium atom chemically resembles the essential mineral sodium, but also has some of the chemical character of calcium, another essential mineral. It also has a variety of other actions in the body.2 It’s unclear how very low “trace” intakes of lithium could produce substantial brain benefits, just that they do work and they don’t have adverse effects. There is a parallel between lithium and selenium, a proven essential mineral for which we need a mere 55-70 micrograms per day to power vital antioxidant enzymes; however, 400 micrograms per day can become toxic.3

In 1994, the prominent mineral researcher Gerhard Schrauzer from the University of California at San Diego, together with colleague Edmond de Vroey published a clinical trial in which emotionally challenged former drug users received either a very low dose of lithium or a placebo, for 4 weeks.4 Based on mood test questionnaires, those who received lithium reported steadily improving mood scores, and for answers related to “happiness,” “friendliness,” and “energy.” The placebo group showed no such improvements and their happiness score actually declined. The researchers concluded this minuscule lithium allowance (0.4 mg per day) had a mood-improving and stabilizing effect.

This trial’s findings are consistent with regional studies in the USA (Texas), Japan, Austria, Greece and Sardinia that have found a positive link between higher natural levels of lithium in drinking water and improved degrees of emotional stability, positive self-esteem, lower tendency to violence, and less incidence of self-harm.1,5,6 Schrauzer has estimated that total daily lithium intake from drinking water and food in most human populations ranges from 0.6 to 3.1 mg per day, and that very low intakes may be linked to behavioral problems.1

Various lines of research suggest that even very low-dose lithium supplementation can support brain health and stabilize cognitive function, including in the elderly. In one double-blind trial that went for 15 months, the group that received microdose lithium (0.3 mg per day) showed stable cognitive function over the entire period while the placebo group showed dramatic statistical differences as their cognitive performance declined.7

While high daily doses of lithium medications are known to carry risk of serious adverse effects and require close monitoring by physicians, the very low lithium doses from BrainMD’s Lithium Orotate provide sufficient amounts to achieve brain benefits without causing adverse effects. This orotate form of lithium is well absorbed and excellently tolerated.

We recommend taking one capsule (providing 5 mg of lithium) of this product once or twice daily, preferably with meals. Higher intakes may be beneficial but should be supervised by a nutritionally-informed physician. It is vegan and free of all the culprit allergens. This product is not recommended for use during pregnancy or lactation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is lithium essential for our health?
Currently, there is no definitive answer. Some evidence has indicated that lithium is essential in goats and rats, but (despite a lot of internet hype) there isn’t sufficient evidence to prove it is essential for humans. But many dietary substances that are not proven essential do have very substantial benefits when taken as dietary supplements.
Is this the same as the lithium carbonate drug?
No. This is a dietary supplement form of lithium, provided in very low doses (“microdoses”) to support healthy brain structure and function.
How much of this can I safely take?
As per the SUGGESTED USE on the label, we recommend a daily intake of 5 or 10 mg. Some nutritionally informed physicians recommend up to 20 mg per day for patients under their supervision. We strongly urge not to consume more than 20 mg per day.
How much can I expect this product to really help my brain?
This mineral has shown some very promising effects in human, animal and experimental studies. It is not a panacea but can be a valuable addition to a comprehensive personal health regimen.
Which supplements should work best with this supplement for my brain?
The BrainMD team recommends everyone concerned about their brain health should supplement their healthy diet with – at a minimum – the vitamins and essential minerals as provided by BrainMD’s NeuroVite Plus, and a full-potency Omega-3 EPA+DHA concentrate as in our Omega-3 Power.
I’m really having trouble with my memory. Will this product help me?
Lithium orotate, at this very low dose, does have potential benefits for memory, especially if taken along with BrainMD’s Brain & Body Power MAX supplement system.
Is this product suitable for vegetarians or vegans?
Yes, absolutely. It is also free of glutens, sugar, dairy, corn, yeast, egg, and has no artificial colorings or flavorings.

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