Focus and Energy

Clean energy! Boost focus, energy, and endurance – without the jitters or a caffeine crash.


Focus and Energy

Enjoy Consistent Energy, Better Mental Focus, and Improved Concentration.

If you’re looking for a smoother “pick me up,” Focus and Energy naturally supports your body’s energy level with caffeine-free green tea, choline and the special adaptogens Rhodiola, ashwagandha, and ginseng.

And unlike the energy blast some of us get from our go-to daily stimulants (coffee, diet soda, caffeine pills), there is no mood-thudding crash. We call it clean energy!

Multi-Mechanism Formula with Adaptogens
The formula’s effectiveness is based on its exclusive combination of energizing herbs and adaptogens. Adaptogens are a class of herbs that help your body adapt to environmental, physical, and emotional stressors and help protect against the draining effects of stress.

These specially selected nutrients work through multiple mechanisms to support enhanced mental focus and sustained energy. Plus, Focus and Energy is safe, natural and non-habit forming.


Best stuff ever!

My husband and I both take this and cannot function without it. Really helps energy level and positive outlook. I have attention issues and my husband has reading issues.



My caffeine intake has been cut in half

I usually have to drink caffeine the second I get to work and now I'm finding myself not feeling like I need anything until mid afternoon! So my caffeine intake has been cut in half!

Very satisfied with this product.

I was having anxious feelings for a year, this helped immediately. Gets my brain going in the morning and helps with my afternoon fatigue.

I bought this product for my son and he said that it was better than Onit's Alpha Brain

I love Dr Amen and his podcasts. I have just started ordering some supplements to try.

More Energy & focus

This has helped a lot with my husbands ability to focus and have more energy

Really helped my focus

Very helpful

Just say Yes!

Within a week I realized I was able to read and comprehend more, able to have a whole day with energy, and am happier due to feeling more focused, organized and capable.

works quite well given time

it did help me to focus a little better, but it took the whole week of using the trial sample to see any results.


Feeling better & better daily.

love it

I could totally tell the difference when I ran out

I can drive again

I am now finally able to help my husband drive because of this supplement. Before taking this, I had a lot of trouble focusing at work and my energy was so low I could not drive for more than a half an hour without getting drowsy to the point of my eyes closing while driving...not safe! I am so grateful to have found this. I was even able to drive for three hours without the falling asleep issue I always experienced before taking this. Thank you!

Great product

Takes some time to build up but it helps. I like that I’m not jittery after taking it. Definitely improved my focus and my energy level stayed consistent instead of dropping midafternoon.

Started a month ago and love it

More focused at work, able to do much more!

Great for staying focused and keeping energized.

We don't know how we'd get through our work day! Both my husband and I love this.

Works well!

I have always struggled with maintaining focus and noticed on the days I hadn't taken it that I struggle to get focused and organized.


Clarity of mind after supplementing with Focus and Energy!

Helps me with nervous habits.

I take Focus & Energy along with Brain and Power and several other supplements. I thought it was not doing anything so I stopped taking this particular one. I am 51 years old and have had a nasty lifelong habit of biting my nails. After taking these vitamins I stopped and had to figure out what to do with nails! When I stopped taking focus and energy, I started biting my nails again. I'm not sure what it does to stop me. But it seems to give me better ways to deal with anxiety.

I really like this product.

I really like this product. Seems to assist with my focus and attention and certainly gives me more energy. I don't need as much green tea and/or coffee in the morning. Take it with food.

Well, I'm sold!!

My dad bought me the Focus & Energy pills, and I will continue to purchase these myself. I do not experience jitters nor is my cognizance affected. There is no come down effect nor do I feel groggy the next day like so many other weight loss supplements on the market. I am sold!!!

Love, love this

I take several supplements from Dr. Amen, but this seems to have the most noticeable effect. My energy and focus have improved dramatically over the two months I have taken it. I have missed a couple of days and noticed the difference! I am definitely much more productive at work.

No more afternoon fatigue

Before taking Focus & Energy, I would experience fatigue in the afternoon and feel sluggish. Now, that I'm taking it I have energy into the evening!


As an Over The Road (OTR) Truck Driver it is imperative to be alert and focused while driving and backing for the public's safety and my own as well. It has helped in my pursuit of learning while off the road as well. I usually take the winters off and learn guitar, drums, and singing.

attention issues to now

Focus and energy has helped my attention issues. It does. It occur overnight. I have been taking it for several months and I am not icing the ability to focus more.

Very needed!

I use this product to have energy after lunch and it really helps.

Great overall

Excellent overall for an IT person studying for his certification! I can concertrate

Great product

I have both anxiousness and fatigue. I always struggle with symptoms like exhaustion not proportional to energy expended, muscle weakness and brain fatigue.

I've been taking this supplement for nearly one month- I've experienced improvement in terms of energy level and mental focus!

Thank you, Dr Amen.

this is an excellent product! thankful i tried it

this product is excellent. I have been able to execute plans in my head and have great follow thru for all the things that come my way.

Consistent Improvement

The difference is incredible. My focus and recall have greatly improved. Others are no longer complaining that I don't listen. One of the best results is that I'm seeing consistency.

Worked for me

This is one of those products where you don't necessarily see a huge difference on day one, but over the course of time you realize that it is helping.... especially when you stop. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because I don't find it to be an absolute miracle supplement, but it does help.

This product is awesome.

I love the product, I am able to achieve more goals in less time. I don't feel so scatter brained

Works great

The natural herbs make make it completely safe to take. It does exactly what it is intended for. It's one product I'll continue taking.

One of my favorites.

This product is as close to perfect energy & focus as one can get. The only drawbacks is that you have to take it with a meal. So for people like myself who do not have an appetite in the morning, it can be a bit of a struggle. Also, I noticed after its worn off, words seem to be a little blurry when reading (but I will take that side effect any day over a caffeine crash).

Having energy ALL day makes a huge difference

Absolutely love this product, take 2 in the morning and two during lunch gets me through my day with maintained focus and energy just as the supplement says. I even have enough energy to get my workouts in after all day working, which has been so difficult in the past.

Great product for sustained mild energy.

I didn't notice the energy at first because it wasn't a rush, it was a steady endurance that the product gave me. I accidentally took it at night one time and it gave me so much energy I had to go for a long walk.

Great product

I don't need as much coffee to stay focused throughout the day. It helps me work out more efficiently too.

Excellent product that I will not be without.

This product has helped me so much at work. Not only has it helped with focus and energy but I'm much calmer during the day and my anxiety levels have gone down. I take 2 after breakfast and two after lunch. I have no slump and have great energy till way past when I get home. This is a must have for me and I will continue to use this product!

Overall seems to work well actually.

I can definitely feel focus with this formula - it's pretty pronounced. After taking the recommended dosage for two months, I started getting a bit of a headache though. I cut back a bit and everything is back to normal. Powerful stuff - I recommend starting at half recommended dosage.

Consistent Energy

This product has really helped me. When I take this supplement, I am filled with a consistent level of energy, don't need to drink caffeine and can keep up with my three daughters.

This product is awesome.

I have more focus on daily tasks.

Running circles around my co-workers

This formulation is amazing. I took the trial at 2 capsules and didn't see much action. Once I took the recommended 4 capsules, I noticed brain fuel and focus. Ordered another bottle. Quit coffee and this really helps "smart" power through when you need that extra energy.

Focus and Energy Helps My Brain To Organize And Get A Very Complicated Task Done

I made the mistake of thinking that some other supplements from another company would replace the Focus and Energy I had used for over a year. Silly, silly me! Very soon, I was struggling with my doctoral dissertation, something I had been doing fine with only a couple weeks earlier. Thank goodness for my wife who suggested I get back to what I was using, because I'm now doing great again with my Focus and Energy!!

Highly recommend this product!

I have been searching for something that gives me energy without jitters or crashes, but had no luck until I found Dr Amen’s products. They are amazing! With Focus and Energy I am able to retain information and have extremely high energy. I recommend this product to anyone who is tired of trying everything out there. I don't use anything else - just my Focus and Energy. Zero coffee, 100% Focus and Energy. Thank you, Dr Amen.


Just started taking this last week. I have already noticed better focus. The energy part has not kicked in yet but I have hope. Worth a try if you are struggling with focus at work as I am.

Restoring power on demand

There are rare days when I don't feel 100% charged or occasional study sessions when all-nighters are required of me. "Focus & Energy" gives me a safe remedy to keep me 'on point' and assists to tackle time consuming tasks.

Steady Energy

You'll get steady energy and focus taking this supplement. I've been taking it since April and couldn't recommend it more. It's one of 5 of Dr. Amen's supplements and they've helped stabilize my energy, focus, and memory immensely.

Great outstanding product

This product has been a life saver. My father started taking this and after some research I decided to take it. The results have been amazing - my moodiness is all but gone. I have energy all day and I'm able to focus on the important things throughout the day without feeling distracted. Thank you so much.

Works wonders!

I love this. I've tried many products over the years and single ingredient supplements. This is the first one that actually worked. It's not a jolt of a caffeine beverage so you need to know what you are looking for. For me it was alertness and focus without side effects. Now when I see the dirty dishes, I just do them instead of making a note and someday getting it done. So happy in so many ways.

Great supplement

Mike has memory issues and ran out of the Focus and Energy about a month ago and it shows. His focus went way down and the energy was zapped from him. When he has this supplement in his system he is able to hold conversations, retain info longer, and has a lot more energy.

Brain and Memory Power Boost and Focus and Energy are two supplements I absolutely will not live without!

Focus and Energy is a fabulous product. I ran out of F & E and I noticed the difference right away! I would never give a lecture without taking F&E with water.

Focus and Energy plus Attention Support = happiness and confidence for her + peace of mind and hope for us parents.

This along with Attention Support is working well with my daughter. It has been a year now and she's happier and we're ecstatic of the progress. No more calling other parents about assignments. She told me that before starting the supplements, she would fall asleep in school. This Focus and Energy supplement gives her the energy to finish the day in school without forgetting anything. Taking these two together (2caps&2caps Am and Pm) she said that it doesn't feel anything at all and the vitamins doesn't do much. However, as a Mom I can see that it's working because we have no more problems with school and failing grades. My daughter thinks she's doing it all on her own and what she's taking are just vitamins to stay healthy. Her confidence and swagger is back and this makes me very happy.

It is the best thing I have ever done for my low mood, lack of focus, and lack of motivation

It is the best thing I have ever done for my low mood, lack of focus, and lack of motivation. I take this in combination with NeuroVite Plus, fish oil, and 5HTP at the recommendation of Dr. Chapek when I visited at the Amen clinic after getting a SPECT scan. I live in Costa Rica, and was desperate for help. When I learned about what the Amen Clinics do I sold my car and used up every penny I had to get to the US and pay for the visit. It was worth it down to the last penny. The clear understanding attained through the SPECT scan was exactly what I was looking for and the supplements from the Amen clinic really work. It's sometimes difficult to get them down here so I have tried others with limited success. If I run out of them my wife notices after a few days. Getting proper nutrition, good exercise, and good supplements has helped me so much more than anything I have taken in the past. I have been benefiting from these supplements for about 7 months now, and I'm so thankful that the Amen Clinics were able to give me the help I needed.

Love Love Love

I started taking the supplements after my brain scan in January. I have seen a dramatic change and notably increased attention. Cannot say enough good things!

Bad reaction

Unfortunately, I'll never know if this would work for me since I had a rather severe allergic reaction to it.


I was skeptical that it would make much of a difference. I expected a slight reaction. Instead, wow! I felt so much more alive and light-hearted. There were no side effects. I didn't feel "buzzed" or jittery, and there was no come down crash. Just an all-around great feeling.

Feeling active

I am a very active woman, but by the time 7 o’clock came, I start feeling very tired. Thanks to Focus and Energy, I now have good energy the whole day.

Better recall and focus.

My memory and ability to recall facts and details has improved since using Focus & Energy. I am able to stick to tasks and avoid distractions better.

New Experience of Focus & Energy!

I am looking forward to a SPECT Scan in about two months. In the meantime, I am doing all I can to improve my Brain Health. I am doing the BrainFitLife Forum, and the assorted activities offered there, and I am taking BrainMD Supplements (throwing my darts into a dark room hoping to hit the dart board bulls-eye). The results have all been positive, but when you hit the bulls-eye the results are much more dramatic. It feels like Focus & Energy is producing a very substantial benefit for my brain. It is producing somewhat of a mental renaissance that is very encouraging. I am beginning to experience the importance of Brain Chemistry Balance for the first time! Thank you!

Doesn't seem to work for me.

I have taken it for 5 months but haven't feel any change so far. Wondering if this effect depends on individuals?

Not for me

I started taking Focus and Energy and the first few day were ok, I didn't feel that much better. As my week continued I actually felt more tired and less focused. After about 2 weeks I stopped taking the supplement and felt better. This is the first supplement that did not work for me. It actually kept me up at night which exhausted me in the morning since I get up so early.

Focus & Energy

Excellent product to enhance focus.

Definitely helps with focus

My son takes this. Our goal is to improve his impulsive behavior. Not sure it's quite working for that. However, his teacher has said his focus to get his tasks done in school has gone up noticeably. So, that's an unexpected benefit and makes sense considering the name of the product.

Its Helpful!

This product helps. Not a panacea but in combination I think it will continue to improve my energy levels. It's worth a good try!

Clean Energy Boost

I have tried lots of supplements looking for a "clean energy" boost and always resorted back to caffeine which is not a good option for someone who struggles with anxiousness! This product really does the trick. I'll admit that after a while I didn't realize the positive effects until I stopped taking it 4 months ago. Now I can clearly see the difference without it and placed a new order today. I can't wait until it gets here!

Great but no sleep

It has given me unbelievable focus and energy at a sustainable level and not jittery at all, however, I have had insomnia for the past 7 nights since taking it and I don't take my last dose late; I take it at the LATEST 2pm.

Extra Energy and Focus!!

Gives me the extra energy and focus I need to get things done!! But without the crash!

It's working for my son!

This product is working very well for my son. He started taking it with several other supplements and says it's helping him.

Not the right fit

Unfortunately, this product didn't work for me at all. I felt pretty good the first day or two, but by day 5 I felt exhausted, quite depressed, had terrible brain fog and couldn't function. I contacted BrainMD and they said it wasn't the right formula for me and sent me what I needed to return the product. Fortunately, I felt much better the day after I stopped taking this.

Allows me to get things done

Adding Focus and Energy to the Brain and Body Power Max has increased my ability to get things done.

Great product

This product really helps me to stay on track and get things done. I feel so good when I take this supplement! I can highly recommend it!

Works splendidly with Brain and Memory Power Boost!

In combination with Brain and Memory Power Boost -- I have my life back!

I love this product!

Focus and Energy has helped me tremendously with my mornings. I no longer feel tired and unable to focus at work. Great product.


My husband loves this. It gives him energy without being jittery.

I couldn't take it

This product made me very sleepy. I imagine it might have increased my focus and mental energy had I not been so sleepy and sluggish from it. I tried taking it for over a month at a low dose.

Help with focus challenges

After reading Dr. Amen's book on ADD, we took our son to one of his clinics for a full evaluation. The doctor recommended the Focus and Energy power boost to help with focus challenges. We are so pleased that he used ingredients from a natural source in this product to go along with a healthy diet and exercise. I also highly recommend the book by Tana Amen "The Omni Diet" - great read, great information, and great recipes.

I would recommend this product for anyone dealing with a daily lack of energy and focus!

This product has exceeded the expectations I had to help with my focus challenges and constant daily battle fighting to muster up enough energy to get through my seemed as soon as I woke up I was tired. This product really has helped me in this area!

Best supplement I have ever taken

I have been a happy customer for years, and this is one of my favorite products. It helps me focus without the jitters of coffee. Has saved me many a time when up late working against deadlines, but then able to go right to bed once I'm done.

Try it!! IT WORKS:)

This works!!! I take a few a day. I do not take it after late afternoon...each person is different . You have to find the dose for you!!

No More Afternoon Naps

I often need a nap in the afternoon...unless I take Focus & Energy. Such an effective natural supplement that does exactly what it says. Helps you "focus" and gives you "energy" without an afternoon coffee!

I don't know if working at night could be the reason for the problem I'm having.

I notice that this product has been making me very sleepy after I take it. Maybe working nights could be the reason. However, I think it has been helping the slur of speech I get at night when I work.

I love this product.

I was skeptical about the impact of taking Focus and Energy, but I was way wrong! This product has made me feel great with marked improvement in my level of focus and motivation. At the very least, I feel like I have been much more productive since I started taking Focus and Energy. I love it.

It's ok

I've been taking this for about 2 weeks now I believe, along with l-tyrosine. It doesn't do anything for my energy as a matter of fact, the last few days I believe that it's been making me slightly sleepy. Today I cut it back to two of them and sure enough, it has been making me slightly sleepy, which is difficult to decipher for me considering I have problems with low energy. :-) I suspect the ashwagandha to be the culprit. I read that it can take up to 40 days for the full effect and I have been noticing slight twinges of increased clarity, so I'm hoping that that keeps getting better.

It's ok, not primarily what I need

I noticed a light increase in energy, but not much. Certainly didn't feel like the boost I get in the morning from coffee.

Happy with the effectiveness of Focus and Energy

Bought this product for my son. He has trouble keeping on task to complete his work. He takes it first thing in the morning and it is helping him.

Love this product!

I've been using this product for about 6 months now and I can't live without it. Before using it, I was scattered, disorganized. I now find myself more able to focus and follow through with tasks without getting as distracted. I would highly recommend it.

LIsten to Dr Amen lectures on ADD and consider taking this product. That is a great start.

I am so thankful for this product. I started to take both Focus and Energy and Attention Support only on my work days and I noticed my performance was better. I am a nurse and having more focus has helped my confidence and clinical precision. These products have given me the energy to restart my bachelor in nursing classes and then I decided to do myself a big favor and take the supplements daily instead of just on my work days. It is amazing how I used to rather stare at youtube than study and now studying and doing my homework is not so difficult. I can’t recommend this product enough if you struggle with organization and focus issues. I always needed to study harder than my siblings in order to get good grades in school; I am very disorganized and time for me seems to just fly and I have not accomplished anything all day. I am on the road towards healing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Veronica Bryan RN


I am giving this product 5 stars! I learned quickly that my brain and body didn't need a full therapeutic dosage of this supplement. I recommend starting with one and increasing if you don't get the full effects you desire! Our family is a huge fan of all the supplements we have tried, however we have learned quickly that each one of us gets better feeling results by starting slowly and increasing! Finding the sweet spot of using them is so rewarding! I love these products because I trust the name and research behind them. I find great comfort in that as I give my family these products consistently.

Recommend this product to ANYONE who struggles with focus and lack of energy

This focus and energy has helped my son so much with concentration and energy (no "crashing")! He takes 2 in the morning and 2 around lunchtime.

works well for me

Works quite well for me. I'm still trying to find the right dosage for me as I've noticed the full dosage makes me very irritable. I take 1 in the morning and 1 around 2pm and it helps me get through my usual afternoon slump.

This product has given me my career back after 49 years of practice as a Hairstylist

This was the very first product I ordered and since using it, I have gotten my life back. I was struggling with my focus and concentration. I have always enjoyed a thriving practice as a hair stylist. My aging brain began to forget the names of my clients even though I knew them on sight. Since taking the Focus and Energy supplement I can now easily recall most everyone by name again. I began my career as a stylist 49 years ago and I am not ready to stop now.... Life is good!

I take this every morning with a light breakfast. Truly clean energy!

This supplement in conjunction with brain power boost is a phenomenal!

More Focus, Less Distraction

Since taking this supplement, my focus has gone up and my distractibility has gone down. It's not that all distractions are suddenly gone, but I do feel better able to manage them. I'm pleased with this supplement.

Can't work without it!

I work at a job that is not natural or easy for me so I need to stay focused and keep my energy up. Along w/proper diet this supplement makes a real difference in my "staying" power.

Another effective natural supplement

I am an adult who struggles with focus and attention. I tried this supplement in conjunction with Neurolink and find that it gives me that "edge" I need to manage my life. My son, takes this combination, as well, and says that it has helped him, too.

Fabulous Product!

I've tried many products from Dr. Amen and this is my favorite. I won't leave home without it. :)

Better focus and less distracted.

Has significantly improved my focus and I feel more energetic.


Can't work the day without this!

Great product.

It helps my daughter stayed focused on schoolwork. This helps!


Totally clear headed

Great Product

Great product! It works best for me by taking 1-2 cap. in the morning. It seems to help me focus better and increase my energy.


This helps me keep focused in the afternoon at work.

Less than expected

Barely if at all notice any change in my condition.

Outstanding product!!!

This is an excellent product. It supports your body while giving a boost of energy. I'll take this instead of coffee (which can burn out your adrenals). In combination with Attention support you'll have great focus and energy!


Feel more focused and aware.

Sharp and focused throughout the day.

I started taking Focus and Energy over 4 years ago, when I started a new job requiring intense concentration on many detailed projects. Now, I do not miss a day during the week, as 1 capsule helps me keep my mind clear and focused. Supports me being sharp all day.

I keep this on my desk at work!

Focus and Energy has been valuable in helping me maintain energy at work.

Well worth the price, considering I don't have to pay for so much coffee each day. I love that I just feel steady energy without crashing.

I can finally stop drinking 4 cups of coffee a day.

Keeping my life orderly with Focus

I began taking Focus about a year ago. I had so many ailments to deal with that I took it by faith since it was recommended (along with several other supplements) for my brain type.
Now, one year later I'm feeling SO much better and stronger in every way. A month ago I ran out of the Focus and didn't bother to order it, thinking I probably didn't really need it anymore.
I was SO wrong. At first I didn't know why I was finding myself wandering from task to task without completing anything. Mornings lost their luster, for I was in a fog that hadn't bothered me for many months.
I looked at all I was doing...and not doing... and realized I was no longer taking the Focus. Could it be that!?!
I have started taking it again and my ability to maneuver from task to task is improving! I definitely know it is helping me! I am doing so much better overall, now that it is easier to experience which things are truly beneficial.
I highly recommend Focus if it has been suggested for you. Or maybe you just sense that it is something you want to try.

Amazing !!!!!

Wow !!!!!!


I'm a pool player that plays for high sums of money, initially it was extremely good then I took a second focus and energy then my hearing became so focused I let the chatter of the pool room bother me so I guess I'll have to stick to one pill or use earplugs ! Amazing product !!

Great Endurance Without Caffeine

What a blessing to have something natural, without caffeine to give me the endurance I need at 72 1/2 years old and still working.

Creativity and natural enthusiasm are now available

I'm now considering this time in my life as the 2.0 version. It's amazing how I am able to move far beyond "overcoming" my distractibility. That is no longer a negative aspect of my personality I have to "manage" constantly. What's even better is that my ability to "hyperfocus" is now a choice. It is no longer its own type of distraction to manage or overcome. My energy levels are evened out, while my natural enthusiasm and my ability to generate energy and excitement are available as a natural expression of who I am as a person.

Creativity and natural enthusiasm are now available

I'm now considering this time in my life as the 2.0 version. It's amazing how I am able to move far beyond "overcoming" my distractibility. That is no longer a negative aspect of my personality I have to "manage" constantly. What's even better is that my ability to "hyperfocus" is now a choice. It is no longer its own type of distraction to manage or overcome. My energy levels are evened out, while my natural enthusiasm and my ability to generate energy and excitement are available as a natural expression of who I am as a person.


This product helped my husband a lot. It has increased his energy and helped him focus better.

Finally something that helps!

I've been dealing with crushing fatigue for years and nothing has helped until focus and energy. There is no jittery drugged feeling like with other supplements and no crash when it wears off.

Great product, will continue to buy via auto ship

Great formulation. Have been using for several months and I'm feeling much better.

Better than caffeine

Our son has improved in his ability to focus on the task in front of him.

Dramatic Improvements!

As soon as I started taking this product I noticed a dramatic improvement with my memory and focus! What a wonderful product!!

Focus and Energy and Brain and Memory Power an awesome combination

I know that the good doctor's products are powerful but I had no idea how wonderful these products act in combination. I am part of the Amen University and learned to combine Brain and Memory Power Boost with Focus and Energy -- and the combination (4 to 1 or 2) is splendid! A great help! Thank you Dr Amen!

Focused without the coffee down

Focused and present without the coffee down.

Definite benefit

I've been taking this product for about two months and I do notice a big difference in my ability to focus and maintain energy throughout the day. Happy with product!

Fantastic product!

So happy I found this product. I am 50 years old and have been using this for two years. It helps keep me focused and energized at work. My 15 year old son is also using this and it really helps him.

Love the energy

Enjoy the energy that allows me to stay focused without struggling so much.

I get calm clarity

I have been taking this supplement for almost two years, and I always find it helpful. I know I can count on Focus and Energy to give me exactly that! I used to drink a pot of coffee every night to keep myself going and get all of my work done. Now when I am done doing what I need to do, I'm not wound up or sleepless, and my stomach isn't a mess either!

Excellent product. Might be the one I am most impressed with.

I noticed an increase in my drive and energy within days. It is far better than coffee or tea; no anxious feelings or jitters and lasts throughout the day.

Energy efficient

Gives me more energy!

More energy and focus.

I have been through a tremendously taxing time for the last few years with multiple sudden deaths of loved ones and many transitions. I was in a haze and having a difficult time focusing on being present. Exhausted really. I have taken Focus and Energy for about 1 month and I would say it is a very effective treatment for me. All my concerns and grief have not gone away but I face each new day with more energy and focus. My mood has greatly improved. I no longer want to lay down to rest when I get home from work. I can now get some things done without feeling overwhelmed. I can prioritize. I am re-establishing order and routine in my life and looking forward to starting new projects.

Great Product

This is a great product. Before taking Focus and Energy I would be exhausted by the afternoon and want to take a long nap. Now I have energy all day long. Thanks for a great product!

An amazing product!

Dr. Faber at the Atlanta Amen Clinic location suggested we give our son 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon to help him stay awake and focused. This product has been AMAZING. Even my son notices when/if he forgets to take his afternoon dose (& requests it)! A truly remarkable product!

Clearer thinking

This product has helped me so much. I've been in a slump for a long time. I use this product with a few of their other ones. So glad I found them.

Brain Fog Be Gone

I lead a hectic life, and feel this product has helped me in a very short time to get out from under the brain fog and lethargy that I have found myself struggling with. I am working out more, which of course helps me to feel better, but I sense a sincere uptake in my energy and clarity with this product. I hope to see continued improvement.

I already can feel a difference

I've only been taking this product for one week but I already can feel a difference in my ability to concentrate. I also have more energy. I'm eagerly anticipating the results after I've been taking it for a month!

Great College Companion

My son is in college and uses this supplement. He has done really well despite struggling with attention and worries. He credits Focus & Energy as well as NeuroLink with helping him achieve his goals.

Added Energy and Clear Thinking

Focus & Energy allow me to keep going during the day and into the evening by simply taking 2 in the early part of the afternoon. This product definitely improves a dwindling energy level mid-day, and greatly improves my ability to think more clearly, without any side effects whatsoever. I take the Brain & Body Power along with the Focus & Energy. I understand that these supplements as well as other Amen products, were designed to work well when integrated, and they certainly do help me. Dr. Amen's supplements are the ONLY supplements I am able to take before a meal without any stomach or abdominal consequences - Yay! I purchased these for my adult son as well and am looking forward to him having a similarly great experience with this product. Once again, thank you, Dr. Amen.


My husband uses this supplement and it increases his productivity substantially at work. This, along with NeuroLink and Brain/Memory boost, do the trick for him. Life changing supplements.

Great supplement!!!

This is a great product and full of natural supplements to support and help with attention and focus. I would recommend any of these amazing supplements to anyone in need of the the things this offers! This and the attention support combined produced amazing results in mental clarity!

My "Go to" supplement

At first I was a bit hesitant, but after a few days realized I not only had continual energy, but was balanced and focused. Even though I am already "driven", I found my energy was balanced and I did not lots at one time or tank after a few hours; no jitters, and the overall feeling was very good. I take 2 first thing in the morning and it lasts all day for me. I highly reccommend!


I love this supplement!! It has really helped me with my school work and in class. I usually take it in the morning with some coffee and I am up and ready to listen all day. Does not keep me up all night and that is a plus. Has been a great product for me.. Usually take it when in school not days that I am just at work although I am sure I will start that soon. Makes a difference in my life!

I can't go without it!

This has helped so much, I notice when I don't take it. I feel so much better with it.

Makes the Difference

I have been taking Focus and Energy Optimizer since the summer of 2012 when I went to the Amen clinic in Newport Beach. It has really made a difference in my life. I always struggled with not being able to focus in class because I would zone out and miss out critical information. I have found that this supplement along with a healthy diet, exercise, and a good night's sleep has helped me to be the best I can be. I say give this supplement a shot and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

It does help focus and energy

I have been taking this for about two months. I take it with breakfast and lunch. I can tell a difference in being able to focus on my work, and my energy level and stamina has improved. I don't want to be without it.

Seems to help

I've only been taking it for a couple of days, but I do feel alert without the jitters. I will keep taking it to see if the benefits continue, but so far I am impressed.

great product

I definitely have seen a change in my energy and I am much more focused on everyday things way more than I used to be. I'm so much clearer in my thinking and when I talk to others.


We found this improved our son's concentration during exam times, thank you.

better focus

After taking this product, I find that I can stay focused longer on a mental task


By the third day I noticed I was calmer and could focus better at work. It works best if I take it in the mornings since it gives me more energy for the day. Great product. Great work you are doing at Amen Clinics!

More energy!

I have noticed an increase in energy.

Devlopment of My Personal Fountain of Youth

At the age of 73 both my physical energy level and stamina have rarely faltered and have never been better. However, Dr. Amen's "Brain Directed Nutrition" Focus and Energy has supplemented my daily nutritional requirements. I don't lack energy for my gym workouts and other daily activities. A more noticeable benefit has been in the area of mental focus and cognition. I am enjoying reading and studying more because my comprehension and retention have shown immense improvement. I am very appreciative of everything you have shared with me and educated me regarding my personal "Fountain Of Youth" my precious fat brain.

A very effective product!

I would recommend this product to anyone. I love the fact that it has no harmful affects, but adds productivity and energy to your day! Thank you Dr.Amen for your hard work. It certainly paid off with this product and others. Keep up the good work!

I was able to kick the caffeine by using this product....

I love Focus and Energy Optimizer. I use it every morning about 30 minutes before my workout and it gives me the energy and focus I need have a super powerful workout. I no longer use caffeine throughout the day for physical energy or mental focus, now that I use this product.

Don't miss this boat...

... to feeling better fast.

When urged to write reviews for several of the products, I, a working class hero who truly couldn't afford these but felt I'd give these products a try, I told myself, do it. Write it afraid like you did it afraid. Why afraid? Not that money is every thing, as it isn't, and why afraid you might ask? Money matters. Choices. So it boiled down to new year, new you much how the invitations arrived. And guess what? I'm glad I did.

Noticed a difference within a week. All I can say is, and I hate to revert back to money, because some of these folks who 'find' Amen have it, but then some of us don't, is it was money well spent. And, wait, the most important thing... thank you. You've no idea how much of a positive change has taken place. When you loose in your life no matter how it happens we all, I think, can take a dive. Pulling yourself up can be a struggle when you've a very slim support system in place, or none. This was like finding a group of friends there for you each day in the form of some supplements.

I noticed a significant difference!

I have been taking this product for only 1 1/2 weeks and I do feel more energy and a bit more focus. I am going to try it with the Brain and Memory Power Boost to help with my focus in work.

Works much better then caffeine

The product seems to work well and I dont have the jitters of caffeine. However I do seem to crash a bit in the afternoon. I added Brain & Body Power Max to my supplements - these two products combined have really given me the energy and alertness i have been looking for.

Makes a difference!

My husband and I both have been taking this product for about 2 months and really notice a difference in our ability to focus and get things done. Others have even commented to my husband about how he is able to keep going even though he works outside in the heat of FL! :).

Really made a difference!

This formula really helped increase my declining energy and ability to focus and be productive at work in the afternoon This was especially helpful after a poor night's sleep!

Continue to be satisified with this product

I continue to use this product and be very satisfied. Provides good focus, while not keeping me up at night. I find that when I use this product, I can focus better on tasks and am more rationale with my thoughts.

Interesting product

The product seems to work well. Notice that I can think clearly and do not experience the negative side effects of caffeine. Very nice to take one supplement with all of the important components. In the past I tried multiple supplements, and ended up having to take way too many pills daily. Would recommend this product to others. Thanks.

Makes a difference

I have been working super long hours (70+/week) this school year, and I am so thankful for this supplement! It helps me get through the day without needing as much caffein (which is both unhealthy and expensive). With everything I have on my plate, I really can't afford to be tired or distracted while at work or at home. Give it a try and I'm sure you will notice the difference too.

Great Product

I had noticed my energy diminishing and I struggled to start my day (even getting out of bed was difficult). I am very regimented in my diet and supplementation. As such, I am able to tell if a supplement has any impact on me. This product has definitely increased my energy and alertness in the morning and throughout the day. I take my first dose at 6:00 A.M. and my second at 11:00 A.M.. This works well for me as I was also fading the last few hours of my work day before (Noon - 3:30). I highly recommend this product.


I work 12-hour shifts as a nurse in a busy urgent care and really needed something to help me through... this is it! Not only do I feel sharp all shift, I'm not left feeling completely wasted physically and mentally the next day.

My brain fogs completely gone!!

This supplement is definitely worth its price,great value as well. I buy a bottle almost every month and notice a huge difference without it too.

I woke up!

The brain fog lifted after I started drinking Green Vibrance every morning. I thought I was pretty clear but after a few weeks of taking Focus and Energy Optimizer, I felt like I woke up after years of being in a daze. It's only been a month but my office is organized (after 6 months of mayhem and not getting to it) and when I look around my home, I can see evidence of organization and "getting around to it" everywhere I look!

I can tell the difference when I don’t take it

I have only been taking the supplement for a month, not sure if that’s long enough to see/notice a difference. However, I did not take it for one weekend and I felt a little dumb lol… I could not complete sentences they way I would think them in my mind; I was in a bit of a brain fog etc… When I resumed taking them again I did feel more focused. I haven’t felt any boost or difference in my energy lever, it’s still very low. Over all I’m happy so far and will continue to use, still a lil pricey though.

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Ingredients & Facts

  • Green Tea
    A staple in Asian culture, green tea (Camellia sinensis) supports healthy blood vessels and increased blood flow to the brain.
  • Choline
    Choline is essential in the formation of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that plays an important role in mental function. Choline enhances focus and the ability to concentrate; supports healthy memory; and promotes calm.
  • Ashwagandha
    Used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine, Sensoril ashwagandha is an adaptogen that supports the body’s healthy response to stress by promoting calm and overall mental focus. Ashwagandha has also been associated with improved memory and attention.
  • Rhodiola rosea
    One of the best studied and most potent fast-acting adaptogens. Rhodiola has been shown to help improve physical and mental performance, fight fatigue, and support a positive mood. It also helps to increase the availability of energy during the day and promote restful sleep.
  • Ginseng
    Panax ginseng, also known as Asian ginseng, is a potent adaptogen with a long history of traditional use. Ginseng contains naturally occurring ginsenosides, which play a role in well-being, mental focus, and sharpened memory by promoting the release of nitric oxide, which opens up blood vessels and improves blood flow to your brain and muscles.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % DV
Green Tea Extract, decaffeinated
(Camellia sinensis, leaves)
[standardized to 95% polyphenols and 45% EGCG]
600 mg
Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract
(Withania somnifera, root/leaves)
[standardized to 10% withania glycosides]
250 mg
Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) Root Extract
[standardized to 3% rosavins, 1% solidrosides]
200 mg
Asian ginseng (Panax ginseng) Root Extract
[standardized to 15% ginsenosides]
200 mg
Choline (as bitartrate) 55 mg
† Daily Value (DV) not established.
Sensoril® is a registered trademark of Natreon, Inc. US Patents 6,153,198 & 7,318,938
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Free from milk, dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, eggs, corn, artificial colors and flavorings.

Dr. Amen talks about Focus and Energy

Discover the effective nutrients you can take for better mental and physical energy

The Science

Everyone feels fatigued or unfocused at one time or another. Focus and Energy was designed to counter fatigue, promote mental sharpness, and improve productivity. This supplement provides a high potency green tea extract to enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery to the brain, along with three powerful plant adaptogens, medicinal herbs that enhance mind and body capacity to fight fatigue and adapt to stress. It also provides choline, a vitamin-like nutrient that supports endurance and overall vigor.

The premier ingredients in Focus and Energy are validated for their safety and breakthrough brain benefits by clinical trials, other human studies, traditional medicinal use, and an abundance of other research.

  • Green Tea Extract, Decaffeinated
    Clinical and other scientific research has confirmed green tea's stellar reputation not only for sharpening the mental faculties and promoting relaxation but for numerous additional health benefits.1-7 Green tea concentrated extracts are rich in polyphenols, which include EGCG (Epi-Gallo-Catechin-Gallate) and other catechins. Besides being powerful antioxidants, these green tea polyphenols (GTP) are versatile metabolic regulators8,9 that promote healthy mood and cognitive performance.3-6 Powerful meta-analyses (analyses of data pooled from multiple clinical trials) document that GTP improve blood vessel tone—healthy contraction and relaxation—to enhance blood delivery to the brain and other organs.7,10,11 Other meta-analyses indicate they help maintain other important cardiovascular factors including healthy blood pressure,7,11 cholesterol12 and blood glucose,13 all of which further support brain health. Preliminary clinical findings from Japan suggest GTP supplementation can improve cognition in the elderly.5 This supplement supplies a hefty 600 mg per day of total green tea extract, which includes at least 570 mg of GTP, 270 mg of EGCG and no caffeine.
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  • Ashwagandha Sensoril® Extract
    Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera, “Indian Ginseng”) is an Ayurvedic Indian adaptogen in use for thousands for years, primarily as a brain tonic for children as well as adults.1 Ashwagandha is also superb for coping with stress and occasional anxiety, while helping the adrenal glands and liver cope with physical challenges and toxic chemical exposures.1,2 Sensoril® is a patented ashwagandha concentrate, made without chemical solvents and standardized to 10 percent withania glycosides. In controlled clinical trials, Sensoril® improved fatigue, forgetfulness, irritability, dry mouth, occasional anxiety, and sleep quality.3 Cognitively, Sensoril® improved auditory-verbal working memory4 and mental reaction time5. Sensoril® helped protect the brain by lowering CRP (C-Reactive Protein) and improving blood antioxidant status.3,6 Sensoril® also improved blood stress hormone levels, stabilized blood pressure, and helped maintain cholesterol and glucose within their normal ranges.3,7 Focus and Energy provides a clinical dose of this high-potency ashwagandha concentrate to promote mental sharpness and physical endurance in the face of stress.
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  • Rhodiola Rosea Extract
    The Rhodiola rosea plant thrives in extreme Arctic environments and has been used as an adaptogen in Europe since at least 1749.1 Its most consistent benefits are to counter fatigue, sharpen attention, increase work capacity, and generally to increase both mental and physical endurance.2,3 It also supports healthy mood management.4 Our clinical dose of rhodiola extract is standardized for its most active ingredients, 3 percent rosavins and 1 percent salidrosides, while also providing powerful antioxidant proanthocyanidins and an array of other adaptogenic substances.
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  • Panax (Korean) Ginseng Extract
    The Panax ginseng plant has been considered practically a panacea in Asia for over 2000 years.1,2 It contains a wide variety of ginsenosides (at least 40) that have numerous overlapping actions in the brain.3 In this formula they are standardized to a very high 15 percent total ginsenoside content. These are powerful antioxidants, protect brain tissue against oxygen deprivation, enhance brain circuit connectivity, and generally support the brain's adaptability versus stressful challenges.4,5 The ginsenosides also promote healthy functioning of the acetylcholine, GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid) and serotonin neurotransmitter systems.4 Panax ginseng consistently improves fatigue, sharpens attention, promotes healthy mood, and has calming effects that help ease occasional anxiety.4-6 A meta-analysis (pooled data analysis) of sixteen clinical trials also concluded ginseng promotes healthy blood glucose management, another very important means to promote optimal brain function.7
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  • Choline
    This vitamin-like nutrient helps brain cells make acetylcholine, a major neurotransmitter.1,2 It also helps them make phosphatidylcholine, a major building block for the membrane systems they use to connect with each other. Choline is a major dietary source of methyl groups, which the brain needs for making the neurotransmitter epinephrine, the sleep hormone melatonin, and the myelin insulation of its nerve cells.3 Our neurons and all our other cells also require methyl to make and maintain their DNA, to manage their healthy gene activity (epigenetics), for growth and maintenance, regulation of potentially toxic homocysteine, and for numerous other life functions.4 Choline is essential for early brain development and for healthy cognition in adulthood.2,5 A large percentage of women, children, and older men are not receiving adequate choline in their diets,4 and the choline this supplement provides helps to fill that crucial gap.
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Focus and Energy works at least FOUR different ways to help you maintain freedom from fatigue and perform at your best. (1) It enhances energy and endurance—both mental and physical. (2) It promotes mental sharpness and productivity. (3) It helps counter stress and occasional anxiety. (4) It offers antioxidant and other protective effects for the brain and entire body. These recommended applications are supported by hundreds of modern research publications and thousands of years of human experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Focus and Energy?
As a dietary supplement, take two to three capsules twice daily with meals or as directed by your healthcare professional. Caution should be used in taking this supplement in the evening, as its energy-enhancing components may interfere with a restful night's sleep.
Will Focus and Energy keep me up if I take it late at night?
We recommend that you take it in the morning and afternoon, so it won’t interfere with a good night’s sleep.
Is Focus and Energy safe to take over the long term?
Yes! Focus and Energy is shown to be safe and well-tolerated. It is not habit forming and will not make you nervous or irritable.

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