Brain Health Coaching Certification Course

Learn how the Amen Clinics Method can help you improve clients or patients' brain health and earn 50 CE/CME credits. For therapists, physicians, healthcare professionals, business coaches, teachers and anyone interested in teaching others practical neuroscience -- this clinical course was designed for you.


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“Earn continuing education credits as you increase skills.”
- Daniel G. Amen, MD

Brain Health Coaching Certification Course

In this professional online certification course, Daniel G. Amen MD will teach you how to plant brain health into the lives of those you serve, including how to use the lessons we have learned from the world’s largest database of brain SPECT studies (>125,000 scans) and how to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your practice.

Complete with the best and latest advances in brain-health care, this self-paced course contains over 40 hours of in-depth training on neurobiology and practical neuroscience. Get an in-depth look and experience how Dr. Amen teaches his own Amen Clinics clinical staff on how to diagnose and treat patients.

Additional Information

Course fee includes CE/CMEs if you choose to obtain them.

* Technical requirements needed to complete course: internet connection, latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.
* Intermediate level course: This course is recommended to individuals with a year or more experience in the relevant field of practice.

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Dr. Amen talks about Brain Health Coaching Certification Course

Invest in Yourself and Your Profession


Become a Certified Brain Health Coach

In this course, you'll discover how to:

Enhance Your Education

Enrich your practice and develop your professional skills with one of America's leading psychiatrists and brain health experts.

Improve Lives

Discover and master a unique skillset to improve your life and the lives of those you love and serve - with a brain health oriented approach.

Boost Your Referrals

Build your practice and gain access to the fastest growing community of brain health clients and patients with our national referral network.


Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers.

Very informative.

I'm a registered nurse who is just beginning but I already feel 100% better than I did just a few weeks ago. I am cooking from your cookbook, exercising regularly again and I've started your supplements. I would love to have the knowledge to share this with others.

Very important.

This program is amazing and very important to bring many other professionals to another level of effectiveness and optimized results for lots of patients around the world.

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View Course Outline

1.   The Brain Health Coaching Course10:00:23

Discover practical neuroscience and how Dr. Amen teaches his own Amen Clinics clinical staff how to diagnose and treat patients.

2.   Opening the Mind, Healing the Brain18:33:56

Learn how to perform, read, and apply brain SPECT imaging in clinical practice with skill building exercises.

3.   Unchain Your Brain Audio Course08:18:19

Learn how to treat addictions. Understand brain types, ANTs, brain enhancing nutrition, supplements, and meditation & hypnosis exercises.

4.   Natural Ways to Heal the Brain Audio Course04:01:22

Discover how to take control of your own health for issues such as ADD, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain and memory problems.

5.   Change Your Hormones, Change Your Brain, Transform Your Relationships01:57:53

Dr. Amen and Angie Meeker, Pharm.D. explain the complex world of hormones and how they influence health and relationships.


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