“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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I will continue this product for methylation support

Betaine TMG

I tried this product because I suspected I had methylation/MTHFR problems. It increased methylation for me to the point of having detox symptoms. It is very effective for me, but I cannot take this at night due to detox. I will stay on this product and the price is great! Thank you!

By Gail

Prospering in the Honor Society

Attention Support

College students like myself need all the help we can get to maintain a sweet GPA. These six ingredients working together keep the "green lights lit" on all the roads throughout my mind. Last October came the invitation from Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society. Attention Support definitely is a factor in my continued academic success. Cheers!

By Harry

Gratitude for an intelligent solution

Brain & Body Power

I am thankful for this vitality combination. I achieve and sustain my clarity of mind, my mood is noticeably calm, and I recall information with less effort because it is easier to focus my attention on the person speaking nearby, especially in classrooms and labs in college.

By Harry

Restoring power on demand

Focus and Energy

There are rare days when I don't feel 100% charged or occasional study sessions when all-nighters are required of me. "Focus & Energy" gives me a safe remedy to keep me 'on point' and assists to tackle time consuming tasks.

By Harry