“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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Nutrition with a great taste

CASE - Brain on Joy 12 Chocolate Coconut Bars

I really like the taste and knowing it is actually good for you is a bonus!

By Frank

Highly recommended

NeuroVite Plus

Excellent product! The cost of this product is a bargain when comparing the cost of buying them separately. The combination is very effective.

By Ron

Overcoming the Effects of a Brain Injury with Brain and Body Power!!

Brain & Body Power

Wow! It's amazing how well Brain and Body Power are working for me, once again. After a brain injury over 25 years ago , I would normally have a difficult time expressing myself verbally AND in written form. After having used Brain and Body Power for a couple years while successfully moving through a doctoral program, I thought I'd use a different supplement that was supposed to work better. Wrong move! Without Brain and Body Power, I became despondent due to my inability to articulate my thoughts verbally or in writing. Thank goodness my wife suggested that I start using Dr Amen's supplements again, because I had even forgotten how well I used to be. As I alluded to earlier, I'm back!! Now that I'm using Brain and Body Power again!!!

By James

Focus and Energy Helps My Brain To Organize And Get A Very Complicated Task Done

Focus and Energy

I made the mistake of thinking that some other supplements from another company would replace the Focus and Energy I had used for over a year. Silly, silly me! Very soon, I was struggling with my doctoral dissertation, something I had been doing fine with only a couple weeks earlier. Thank goodness for my wife who suggested I get back to what I was using, because I'm now doing great again with my Focus and Energy!!

By James