“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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Omega-3 Squeeze Orange Value Bag

Greatly done! If only more supplements could come in an easy to swallow liquid/or powder form. I mix these packets into a shake each morning - my daughter has no clue that fish oil is in it. (Winner.)

By Michael

No more bloating!

ProBrainBiotics 60ct

This product has helped me with my gastrointestinal issues. It is now part of my arsenal of, Dr. Amen supplements.

By Michael

This product is a game changer!

Attention Support

My daughter reported terribly in 1st grade. She had many behavioral and learning difficulties. The school decided to have her repeat the grade. After putting her on "Attention Support," I am proud to say that she has been receiving satisfactory marks for both behavioral and academic. This product is a game changer.


Good product if you suffer from an overfocused brain.


This product works as promised. It gives me a decent amount of energy each morning, and promotes a slightly noticeable but effective calming mood.