Unchain Your Brain Paperback Book

Unchain Your Brain: 10 Steps to Breaking the Addictions that Steal Your Life is a practical, easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that shows you how to boost your brain so you can kick your bad habits.


Unchain Your Brain

Unchain Your Brain Paperback Book

Are you chained to your addiction to smoking? Drinking? Sugar? Drugs? Food? Prescription painkillers? Caffeine? Internet porn? Gambling? Sex?

When you are chained by an addiction, it can ruin your life, devastate your family, destroy your relationships, derail your career, lower your grades, and make you physically ill.

Do you want to break free from your addictions?

Then you need to optimize your brain. The brain plays a central role in your vulnerability to addiction and your ability to recover. Brain dysfunction is the number-one reason why people fall victim to addiction, why they can’t break the chains of addiction, and why they relapse.

Optimizing your brain is the key to breaking free from your addictions.

Unchain Your Brain: 10 Steps to Breaking the Addictions that Steal Your Life is a practical, easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that shows you how to boost your brain so you can kick your bad habits.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How addictions get stuck in your brain, how to get them unstuck, and how to find lasting motivation to change
  • Why brain imaging changes everything, even if you never get a scan
  • How to get the right evaluation to ensure that you can heal from your addictions
  • The six different types of addiction based on brain types: why all addicts are NOT the same and how to find the best treatment solutions for you based on your brain type
  • Strategies to boost your brain to get control
  • Ways to lock up the craving monster that steals your life
  • Tips to eat right to think right and heal from your addiction
  • How to kill the addiction ANTs that infest your brain and keep you in chains
  • Ways to prevent relapse by following H-A-L-T plus brain science
  • How hypnosis and meditation can help you unchain your brain, including a 12-minute meditation and a real hypnosis session done by Dr. Amen

When you have a healthy brain, it makes it so much easier to stick with a program designed to help you quit smoking, drinking, gambling, doing drugs, overeating, or whatever your addiction may be.

What people are saying about Unchain Your Brain:

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"Unchain Your Brain is amazingly comprehensive, interesting to read and provides practical tools for patients and addiction professionals. Over the last five years, I have referred hundreds of patients to the Amen Clinics. I must credit Dr. Amen and his brain imaging for enhancing our ability, to more accurately, diagnose brain disorders that cause craving and addiction. SPECT imaging should ultimately become the standard of care in addiction medicine.

Marvin “Rick” Sponaugle MD, Board Certified in Addiction Medicine, Founder and Medical Director, Sponaugle Wellness Institute & Addiction Treatment Center

"Daniel Amen and David Smith, two distinguished physician pioneers, have written a reader-friendly map of the road to recovery from addictions of all kinds. They begin with a cutting-edge understanding of the addicted brain and end with a step by step family-centered plan for getting well. This book is a treasure of science, respect, wisdom and compassion that deserves a wide readership."

Robert L DuPont, MD, President, Institute for Behavior and Health, Inc., and First Director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

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Extraordinary book I highly recommend.

Extraordinary book that taught me how to fix my life by taking good care of my brain. I made some little changes and started taking some supplements Dr Amen recommends for my brain type, and in few days I started seeing positive changes in my life.

Great book for family members of addicts

This is an amazing book. It is straightforward and an easy read even for the lay person who doesn't have a background in anatomy. While it would be wonderful for the person suffering from addiction to read this, I think it is equally beneficial for the family members of an addict to read. It helps those who suffer from the behavior and chaos addictive behavior brings to relationships understand that addiction is first a biological issue, and that the biological issue when left untreated leads to bad decisions in other areas of life. Having lived with an alcoholic for many years, it brought me comfort to know that my observations in my spouses behavior where not imaginary and it also gave me hope that he could still find sobriety. This book is both informative and encouraging.

Must read

Everyone should read this book. Parents, students, teachers, law enforcement, judges, pastors, all medical professionals. We have an addiction epidemic in this nation that is devouring our youth and devastating our families and communities. No one will be untouched. Read this book to be equiped and informed. Make a differance!

Unchain Your Brain

This book is fabulous. I highly recommend it for people with, or working in, addictions. It makes so much sense as to what happens and how to deal with diet, exercise, thoughts, spirituality: the whole person. Dr. Daniel Amen has been at the forefront of groundbreaking work with the brain; very exciting work, reading, and practical applications and skills to be healthy and healing our brains.

This transformed my professional practice

To me, this book is a must-have for all people struggling with addictions. As a psychologist, I found here the newest explanations about addictions and, what's more, the way to really help people to get out of those terrible situations they trapped themselves in.

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