The Ultimate Brain Box X

Complete library of all 10 of Dr. Amen's acclaimed national public television specials on the brain.


The Ultimate Brain Box X includes all of Dr. Amen’s 10 Public Television Shows, with 10 extra hours of bonus material. About 20 hours in total.

Featured in the collection:

  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Life
  • Magnificent Mind At Any Age
  • Change Your Brain, Change Your Body
  • The Brain in Love
  • The Amen Solution
  • Use Your Brain to Change Your Age
  • Unleash the Power of the Female Brain
  • Omni Health Revolution
  • Healing ADD
  • On the Psychiatrist’s Couch


Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers.

It's a 5++++ star

The most incredible group of DVD's I've ever seen!! I'm an addiction counselor, retired trial lawyer, etc. etc. It's changed the lives of many, many addicts and others.