The Brain in Love Complete Program

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The Brain in Love Complete Program includes the following:

  • The Brain In Love DVD With Bonus Material

  • The Brain In Love Coaching Course 5 CD Set

  • Change Your Hormones, Change Your Brain, Transform Your Relationships, 2 CD Set

  • Amen Clinic Brain In Love Coaching Course Questionnaires


The Brain In Love DVD With Bonus Material

In this highly entertaining, educational and important follow-up to his two highly successful public television pledge specials Change Your Brain, Change Your Life and Magnificent Mind At Any Age, Dr. Daniel Amen explores the interplay between the brain and our most intimate relationships.

If you want more passion in your life, this DVD is for you. This information applies whether you are single and want to be in a close relationship or you have been married for many years.

Based on his work with over 50,000 brain imaging studies, this program is divided into three parts.

In Part One, Dr. Amen shows you how the health of your relationships is directly tied to the health of your brain. Understanding the brain is the MISSING LINK to helping couples and families who struggle.

In Part Two, Dr. Amen discusses the differences between the male and female brain. This is so important, because it is often simple biology that causes us heartache, or should we say brain-ache. He also looks at why beautiful women make men stupid and how Las Vegas uses this principle to take your money and what you can do about it. Plus, he shows you how your hormones affect the health of your brain and how they can either enhance or ruin your relationships.

And in Part Three, Dr. Amen gives you 7 “brain based secrets” to make love last, to make it unforgettable, starting immediately. His two prior specials have already helped tens of thousands of PBS viewers to embrace a brain healthy life. The Brain In Love will help your most intimate relationships. This DVD plus bonus materials contains an extended version of the program that includes 6 additional stories. Plus, there is an extensive question and answer session with the audience.

The Brain In Love Coaching Course 5 CD Set

The companion 5 CD set is essential to learn the in-depth knowledge needed to apply these important concepts to all of your relationships.

  • CD #1: A Guide to Brain Typing Your Relationships: To Be a Great Lover You Must Know the Brain Type of Your Partner
  • CD #2: Rules for Him and Rules for Her: Understanding Male Female Brain Differences
  • CD #3: 12 Brain Based Secrets to Making Your Relationships Unforgettable
  • CD #4: How to Kill the ANTs that Are Infesting Your Relationships
  • CD #5: Healing the Brain Issues that Get in the Way of Love and Healthier Brain Equals A Sexier You

Change Your Hormones, Change Your Brain, Transform Your Relationships, 2 CD Set

Recorded together with Dr. Amen and Dr. Angie Meeker, a doctor of pharmacy, this CD set explores all of the in depth knowledge consumers need to know about both synthetic and bio-identical hormones. They explore:

  • thyroid hormones,
  • the adrenal hormones DHEA and cortisol
  • the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone

Amen Clinic Brain In Love Coaching Course Questionnaires: Test the Health of Your Brain, Know Your Partner’s Brain Type with Scoring Keys

How can you tell about your brain without doing a scan? For many years Dr. Amen has been aware that most people will not be able to get their brains scanned, either because they are not near one of his clinics or because of the cost. Based on more than 50,000 brain scans, Dr. Amen developed a wonderful set of questionnaires to help people see how their own brain functions. Because not everyone is insightful into their own behavior, he also encourages people who care about you to fill it out on you as well.

The questionnaires will only take about 25 minutes to complete and will help you understand the health of your own brain and your partner’s brain. There is also a “Bad Brain Habit Quiz” to help you know about how your day to day behavior affects the health of your brain. Plus, there is a series of questions that evaluate 5 different brain systems, like Dr. Amen talked about in the show, and depending on how you score, he gives you personalized suggestions on how to balance your specific brain.

Of course, you should talk with your doctor, but this series of questionnaires will give you a great start to understanding your brain and specific ideas on what you need to do to make it healthy. Includes:

1. Amen Clinic Brain System Checklist, to know what your brain would look like if you could get a scan

2. Know the Brain Type of Yourself and Your Partner

3. Amen Clinic General Mental Health Screening Checklist

4. Amen Clinic Hormonal Vulnerability Checklist

5. Brain Enhancement Program for Couples

6. ANT Free Living Worksheet by Byron Katie You can also give these questionnaires to your whole family and all of your friends.