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  • Bright Minds Memory Bundle

    Bright Minds Memory Bundle

    Our tasty memory powder bundled with 2 bottles of Omega-3 Power for maximum support and savings!

  • Brain Power Basics

    Brain & Body Power

    A powerful daily regimen of 3 essential supplements for brain, memory, and body health.

  • Bright Minds Memory Powder

    Bright Minds Memory Powder

    A highly concentrated, memory-focused, daily supplement in a convenient and tasty drink mix!

  • Smart Prenatal

    Smart Prenatal

    A high-quality pre-and-postnatal supplement that is both nourishing and safe, formulated to support mom and baby during this most crucial period of development!

  • Brain & Body Power Max

    Brain & Body Power Max

    A powerful, higher-dose daily regimen of 3 essential supplements for extra-strength brain, memory, and body health.

  • Brain Curcumins

    Brain Curcumins

    A potent and powerful turmeric supplement that’s proven to help maintain calm while under stress and protect the brain against toxins.

  • MethylFolate


    The most active form of the key vitamin folate, essential for memory, mood, and overall brain & body health.

  • Brain Boost On The Go

    Brain Boost On The Go

    Get a boost of concentration wherever you are without caffeine or sugar, plus it helps calm your nerves when stress hits!

  • Kids' NeuroVite Orange Chewables

    Kids' NeuroVite Orange Chewables

    Give your kids the important nutrients they need for growing bodies and minds. Tastes great and has no sugar!

  • Betaine TMG

    Betaine TMG

    Promotes healthy mood and enhances the mood benefits of SAMe Mood & Movement when paired together.

  • Tyrosine


    Works with Neurolink to help you maintain a positive mood and support your brain power under stress and mental strain.

  • NeuroPS


    Improve your memory of names, faces, numbers, and words which are critical to everyday success. The most proven nutraceutical for the brain.