Restful Sleep

Sleep like a baby -- wake up refreshed and ready to go! Dr. Amen’s formula eases you into sleep, helps you stay asleep all night, and wake up feeling great.


Restful Sleep

Completely natural sleep support that won’t leave you groggy.

Sleep deprivation can really mess with your health
If you’re not getting the recommended seven to nine hours that healthy brains need to function, you’re setting yourself up for a host of issues. When you are sleep-deprived, blood flow to your brain drops, and you are much more likely to make bad decisions.

In fascinating new research, scientists discovered that the brain has a special “waste management system” that works while you sleep to get rid of toxins. This includes the brain plaque thought to contribute to age-related memory issues. Without healthy sleep, the cleaning crew does not have enough time to do their job and trash build-ups, causing brain fog and memory problems.

Restful Sleep contains melatonin to keep you asleep throughout the night. It also includes the calming neurotransmitter GABA, as well as magnesium, Vitamin B6 and valerian. Together, these nutrients produce a soothing, sedative effect that helps relax your body and mind and ease you into peaceful sleep.


Definitely worth trying if you have sleep issues.

My husband has neuropathy and sleep is difficult. He has tried all kinds of products. It took a while to get the dosage right but definitely helps him sleep more than before.

Helped me to regulate sleep

I struggled with falling asleep and staying asleep for a while. I started taking these (2 pills every night) and it's been super helpful with regulating my sleep patterns! They work most effectively for me with regular exercise. On weeks where I do not exercise, I take the supplements, but still struggle to fall asleep or to stay asleep. I also believe the supplements help with my overall mind help.

I definitely recommend this sleep supplements to those with irregular sleep to try (alongside regular exercise and a healthy diet). It's different than other products like melatonin because it has a three-throng approach.

Give it a try!

This product very often helps - 4 capsules one hour before bedtime. If you're on the fence, give it a try - it's so much better to take this natural product than the OTC sleep aids that are out there.

ADHD child sleeps!

This product has helped my ADHD child sleep all night long and wake up ready for the day. She does not wake up in the middle of the night anymore!

Great brain product!

I know that sleeping well is so very important for one's brain. Unfortunately I had difficulty sleeping for some years, until I started taking the Restful Sleep pills. So now I sleep 7-8 hours a night and feel so much better brain wise.

Didn’t work

It didn’t work for me at all. In fact only 3mg of Melatonin worked much better and that’s compared to 4 Restful Sleep pills which supposedly has 5mg.

Great sleep aid

I can sleep better than I have for many years. Prior to learning about Restful Sleep I always woke up at night - and then had trouble falling asleep. Now if I do wake up I fall back asleep pretty quickly.

Sweet sweet deep sleep:)

Sweet sweet deep sleep:)

Super helpful with sleep

This has made all the difference in helping my husband to sleep

Not a "good fit" for me

I woke up several times during the night and could not get a restful sleep. When I increased the dosage, I woke up groggy and irritated. It was easy to return and to get a full refund. I LOVE all of my other Amen supplements.

Excellent success with Restful Sleep

When a friend told me about this product I only tried it because he was having excellent results. After the first night I had a wonderful sleep. I wake up during the night and have had a difficult time getting back to sleep, sometimes for hours. The best part of Restful Sleep is that I fall right back to sleep. I have now recommended this product to other family members and friends. They have been using my supply to see if it really works for them, and indeed it does,


I've been using Restful Sleep for months and wouldn't be without it. I found that one capsule was enough for me. I fall asleep easily and I'm not waking up as much during the night.

Excellent sleep product!

I bought this for my husband who has had a terrible time sleeping. From the first night he took this, he slept. He is so pleased as he continues to sleep well and is much more energetic and less grouchy. He does not have any morning fog that over-the-counter meds were causing.

Works Reliably, Gently and Affordably

I've been using Restful Sleep for a number of months now, and I'm making it my #1 go-to support for a restful night's sleep. It's effects are: a smooth and gentle relaxing of the mind to allow it to "let go" of the concerns and pressures of the day, and a pleasant and gradual relaxing of the body to allow it to "settle into" a comfortable, stillness which is very conducive to falling and remaining peacefully and restfully asleep. And, it costs about half of what the other nutritional sleep support formulations I have tried, and had not worked as reliably or effectively as Restful Sleep. As long as this sleep support product is offered, I will be keeping it on hand for "those" kinds of nights (which, thankfully, I do not have to endure any more).

First product I have ever used that fulfills the product description

I have struggled for years with disrupted sleep cycle due to dominant theta low alpha activity.
I have had either short term or no success trying other products.
Restful Sleep has provided me with uninterrupted sleep cycle feeling fresh and prepared for the day when I wake up in the morning .

Didn't work for me

Nope, it didn't work for me either. I almost felt dizzy trying to fall asleep, and then was wide awake middle of the night. I know with sleep supplements, different things work for different people. Just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for others.

Love restful sleep, get it every month, one of my favorites!! IT WORKS

Restful sleep!! IT WORKS!! One of my favorites ever!! I have trouble sleeping so when it says take 1-4 pills 30 minutes before going to sleep...take 4! That's when it worked for me!

Good Product!

I wasn't having trouble falling asleep but frequently I would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep. Either my brain would start going or my body would be jumpy. Now if I wake up, I go right back to sleep. I believe my sleep is more restful also. No groggy feeling at all.

It works!

It works! It took a couple of weeks, but both hubby & I are sleeping thru the whole night and wake up rested and ready to go.

The best that I’ve tried

I hadn’t use these in a while and thought I would try again. I thought they weren’t working because I was taking three and waking up at night. But I went to four and have slept well. I was afraid I would be groggy in the daytime but that has not been the case. I like these a lot! Nothing else has worked for me.

I am sleeping so much better now!

I have had trouble sleeping for as long as I can remember. Melatonin alone gives me nightmares. Since I have been taking restful sleep I am sleeping so much better and no nightmares!

Try it out for yourself

I have tried many different sleep products, but this has been the most effective. While it does not necessarily prevent me from waking up (I now believe I have sleep apnea), it does help me get back to sleep when I do. There is no hangover effect in the morning.

I wish it would have worked

It didn't work at all for me. I have struggled for 3 years, and I had such hope...

Good but not great

I have not noticed a great deal of difference between this product and others I have used, including just Melatonin, which I don't like because it helps me to fall asleep but not stay asleep. I may try increasing the dose and see if it that helps. That being said, my husband tried it and it is working for him very well.

The best goodnight sleep in a bottle.

After trying so many different sleep aids, No one compares to Restful Sleep. This is the best of the best. A great goodnight sleep. You wake up refresh. Not sleepy at all in the morning.

Sleeping Soundly

I struggle with sleep and this product really helps. I sleep soundly and do not feel groggy when I wake up.

Seems to help with sleep issues for husband. Reordering to see if progress continues.

Bought this formula to help my husband who has severe sleep issues and is using CPAP. After 1 month, it seems to be helping somewhat. Re-ordering to see if it continues to make a difference.

Try it you will not regret it

I used it once for an entire month. I did. It realize how magnesium helped me stay calm and sleep deep and well. It put me back to normal.

Amazing Results... Thank you!

I got this product for myself, to make sure I got at least 7-8 hours of sleep. After reading Dr. Amen's material I knew I needed this product. I totally love it! My wife was having some stressful days at work and knowing how important sleep is, I told her to try it... she also got results. It is one thing to sleep through the night, but to be able to wake refreshed and have more energy throughout the day... what a great feeling! Thank you!

Resting easy now...

I cannot say enough about this amazing product!
I haven't gotten a good night's sleep in years and feel like I FINALLY found something that helps me sleep well and not feel hung over the next day. The fact that its not addictive makes me feel good about taking it. Thank you! Zzzzzzz...

Totally Ineffective and useless

There is not a spot at all for ZERO stars. This product is not at all effective for me. I have been suffering from poor sleep for a lot of years here since my brain injury in 1988. I had such high hopes that this would be something that finally would allow me to get some REM sleep. And with the reviews this has as really working for people, I now question if any of the other supplements would have anything effective for me. I did start off with 4 capsules for the entire bottle to allow this product to get into my system. NADDA!!!

I love this and always make sure I don't run out.

I have struggled for about 40 years with sleep issues. This is the first product that I have found that it does what it says!! I get a great night's sleep and don't feel sluggish the next morning. I have been telling all my friends about this product.

Don't get up in middle of the night anymore

I didn't think that I had any sleep issues and thought my getting up at night to go to bathroom was just age. However, I often never felt rested and lacked energy that I thought I should have. So I tried Restful Sleep. To my surprise from the first night I took it I sleep through the whole night and had the deepest sleep with vivid dreams. Since then I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and feel fully rested. This made the biggest energy difference for me.

Everyone should give this a try if you have trouble sleeping!

I love, love, love this supplement! I have tried many others with no help in the sleeping department and making me tired for most of the day. With this supplement I am asleep in about an hour after taking it and feel rested and ready for the day when I get up.

Love it!

Forget all that other nonsense. This supplement is a gift from the heavens. There's no feeling in the world better than waking up refreshed & recharged!

Relaxing & resting is easier now

I like how I can choose the dosage depending on my needs. It calms and lulls me off to sleep as needed.

Suffering for a long time - this product is a life saver

This product has been very helpful for my sleeping problems without side effects. I had been suffering for a long time. I had taken many other things to help me sleep, always with terrible side effects. I recommend restful sleep 100%, no side effects! Thank you, Dr. Daniel Amen.

I wake up feeling well-rested, clear-headed, and energized!

I love Restful Sleep. On the occasions I need it, Restful Sleep gives me a sound night’s sleep, so I wake up feeling well-rested and, remarkably, clear-headed. Even if I have to get up during the night, I am able to fall right back to sleep. I am so happy to have found a natural, healthy alternative to the store brand I previously used, which left me feeling drowsy and foggy-headed for several hours the morning after.

Finally able to sleep!

Eliminated my awful sleeplessness. It was torturing every night to lay in bed unable to sleep. Started taking these 1 hour before bedtime every night and pretty soon the sleeplessness was gone. Lifesaver :)

Helps with son's sleep

My son cannot do without this product. It helps him sleep better, and thus helps him function well during the day.

Really works

I take this about an hour before I want to get sleepy, and it works well!

I love this product! Very effective and calming!

This product really works. It helps me get to sleep whenever I take it at night before bed. It also smells good and has excellent ingredients!

Great product

I take the lowest dose of this product and get good results.

This is the only product that HELPS!

Take 3 capsules. Works like a charm!! NOTHING ELSE HELPS ME FALL AND STAY ASLEEP!

Doesn't work for one family member; works for another

I gave this to my older teen son since higher doses of melatonin & a non-melatonin sleep aide haven't helped him. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for him either. I've called his doctor, looks like he will be on the synthetic stuff. It does work for me at a single dose, but so does 3mg of dissolvable melatonin. It is great for traveling!

This really works

Thanks to Restful Sleep, I sleep through the night now, and feel alert and focused in the morning, thank you!

do give it a try it can change your life!

I kept trying products to help me sleep and none of them worked. I always woke up with brain fog or like I had a hangover and my sleep deprivation was impacting my life in so many areas. I struggle with worries and nights is when they would take over the most. My sweet friend introduced me to this supplement. I was skeptical but I tried. At first, I had to take 4 pills because my brain wouldn't go into that deep restful sleep. However, now I just take 2 caps and sleep like a baby. I should also mention that when I am stressed, I tend to sleep walk. This supplement has changed that for me. I am very thankful to have found this - it has changed my life. I am doing better at school, my husband actually sleeps, and I wake up without brain fog or hangover feeling. For the most part, my headaches have also gone away, and I am in a better mood. Try it! The worst that can happen you are out a few dollars but you'll never know unless you try it. I think you will be pleased.

Excellent Night Sleep!

This is a wonderful product to use when you really want a good night sleep! I typically take two tablets about 30 minutes before going to bed and it helps relax me. The sleep is very deep and I wake up feeling refreshed.

Helping my son

This supplement is helping my son have a better night’s sleep.

Did not work and one bottle only last 15 days.

Did not help my sleep and the serving size is 4 capsules making a 60 count bottle good for only 15 days! Expensive!

Great product

The name says it all. It truly helps!

Effective ⭐️

I have to admit the first time I tried it, I wasn't expecting it to work as knocked me out pretty quick and it relaxed me about 30 minutes before that. Just pace it...some capsule works...the next day...I may need more. Some days I don't take it so that my body doesn't get used to it. But also make sure you don't have caffeine too late. Eating sugar or sweets can affect its effectiveness at well. But overall...I love how it relaxes you right before you sleep. It's a feel good that you have to try!! Try to take it earlier than usual the first night to test out how you feel the next day. Don't take it too late. But it's better than most other methods :)

Marvelous Sleep Supplement

Restful Sleep is a marvelous product. I have recommended it to many people. I sleep well now that I take this amazing product, and I know how a good night's sleep helps my brain.

The Best!!

Now it's a must have!!

I hope to never go without this product!

This product has made a huge impact on my ability to get lasting, quality sleep without feeling groggy.

Better than wine for sleep

I was one of those people who would have a glass of wine in the evening to help me fall asleep. Not only was I gaining weight, but I would often wake up in the middle of the night and not be able to go back to sleep. I have stopped drinking wine in the evening and now take two capsules late in the evening. I believe that I am getting better sleep. My Fitbit records a better quality of sleep.

I highly recommend this product to anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep.

I have tried many different sleep products over the last 10 years which not only left me groggy in the morning but I felt they were not good for my overall health nor did they give me quality sleep. A friend suggested trying your "Restful Sleep" product. It gives me a much more relaxed and lengthy sleep (eight full hours!!!!) Thank you, Dr. Amen!

It is a life saver!!

Restful sleep!! Must Have!! It works!! I take 3 one hour before I go to sleep. Otherwise I don't sleep!!

Great product. It works!

I was struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep. With this product I fall asleep within 30 minutes of taking it and sleep soundly until the morning. I wake up ready for the day's work. I also have noted that it has regulated my sleep better so there are nights I don't have to use it and sleep well. Especially when on vacation.

Definitely a blessing!

I have definitely noticed a more restful sleep when I take this product.

I'm sleeping like a baby!!

I'm finally getting a goodnight's sleep. I wake up feeling refreshed and well rested. I would recommend this supplement to anyone who is struggling with getting to sleep and/or staying asleep.

Helps my child sleep

My child has trouble calming down at night. Adding this supplement with omega 3 has done wonders for her sleep!

Definitely helps!

I have struggled with insomnia for about ten years. I started out taking three capsules of Restful Sleep, that did the trick for four hours of sleep, then I started taking four capsules, which gave me about 5.5 hours of sleep. I know a healthy adult is supposed to get eight hours of sleep straight through, and toddlers and infants, get 13-14 hours of sleep, children get about 12 hours of sleep, and teenagers get 10 hours of sleep. It is a bit pricey but seems to work. I wish the bottles came in double the quantity, like, 120 capsules, instead of 60 capsules, so I wouldn't have to order so often. Maybe Dr. Amen could reformulate so I get a continuous eight hours of sleep straight through. I would recommend Restful Sleep to anyone that is having difficulty sleeping.

Just what I was looking for!

Restful Sleep is just the product I was looking for to help me sleep better. I needed something that would "turn my brain off" so I could stop thinking and start sleeping. I take just 1 pill a night, and it's very mild, but it does the trick. It doesn't keep me asleep all night, but when I do wake up I can get back to sleep pretty quickly. I feel more refreshed in the morning because I'm getting better sleep. My brain feels clear and relaxed when I wake up, not groggy.

Sleeping well.

2 capsules help to relax me into a restful sleep.

No more counting sheep it puts me fast asleep

This product was suggested for my son after his visit to the Amen clinic for a full evaluation. He has difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep. We ordered this product and it is helping him get to sleep and stay asleep. It was working so well for him I tried it myself and wow...It got the job done.

Great product!

Amazing product in all ways! I have friends who have previously used Circadin and not responded to it until they tried "Restful Sleep".


Amazing!!!! This supplement has enabled me to sleep through the night so that I actually feel rested when I get up the next morning. Works SO much better than just a melatonin supplement!! I highly recommend taking this supplement if you have recurring sleep issues.

A full night's sleep at last!

I was experiencing a unique sleep issue that was even stumping my Dr. Every night, for over 10 years, I would fall to sleep well but then wake 4-1/2 to 5 hours later. I would be fully awake with no chance of going back to sleep! This caused me to experience chronic brain fog and fatigue. My doc even sent me to a sleep study, where they again were baffled and unhelpful.

In desperation, I began researching and discovered this Restful Sleep formula of Dr. Amen’s and decided to try it. The effects for me were immediate and wonderful. I wanted to wait at least a month before writing a review, just in case something changed. Now, I can honestly say that every night I have taken this supplement, I have gone to sleep easily, slept through the night restfully and got in a good 7 to 8 hours of sleep every single night! No exceptions. I will continue to order this supplement for as long as they offer it.
Thank you, Dr. Amen!

Great results

I love getting a good night's sleep, then waking up without a hangover and more energy!

I recommend this product .

I got this product for my son who was taking just regular melatonin. When he started using Restful Sleep, the change was noticeable right away. The product is very good.

take it If you can't sleep, like me!! It works!!!.:

I don't sleep well. I bought a bottle (60) capsules in a bottle. You have to figure out how many capsules work for can take between 1-4 capsules 30-60 minutes before sleep. Lucky me (lol) it's 3-4 capsules that do it for me. I wish the bottle lasted me at Least one month... very pricey!! Reading most reviews most people start with 2 and find that 3 is the sweet fit.. I just bought another bottle. Points and's worth it:)

Helping me greatly with my sleep!

This product is really helping me. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and feeling rested when I wake up. I've been falling asleep much easier and earlier since taking this. I've also had better quality of sleep and am waking up earlier without an alarm clock. Great product! Thank you!

Finally real Restful Sleep again!

"Restful Sleep" is amazing. I have struggled with sleeping through the night for 15 years. I have tried so many things, but nothing has been consistently effective. I didn't think I would ever sleep soundly again! Then I happened upon this product, and thought I should give it a try because I desperately need a good night's sleep for so many reasons! The first night I slept like a baby for the first time in many years. I woke up the next morning refreshed and ready for work and raring to go!! I take it every night now, and the results are consistently great! Just two pills an hour before bedtime, and I fall asleep without a problem, only occasionally waking up, but falling asleep again is easy and natural. My head hits the pillow, I close my eyes. I fall asleep. I love my RESTFUL SLEEP!

Love this product!! Best natural sleep aide I have ever tried.

Absolutely love this product!! I take 2 pills about an hour before bed and sleep through the night and wake up feeling refreshed. Best natural sleep aide I have ever tried! :)

Sleeping all night

I am very impressed with this product. I started sleeping all night without waking up in the middle of the night after started taking Restful Sleep for two weeks.


restful sleep with no foggy morning feelings

It works.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep now!


Once I got past the smelly odor when you open the bottle and just swallowed them down, I was convinced. & who can argue with more and better sleep!

Didn't work for me

The effect of Restful Sleep weren't as I wanted. The use of Valerian can have an immediate result for 1 night but the overall affect meant that getting off to sleep for the subsequent nights was reduced.


Excellent product!!

I give Restful Sleep rave reviews!

Only 1 capsule and I sleep through the night for an average of 7 hours, when before I slept only 4-6 hours nightly. If I do wake up for any reason, I can go to sleep again within a few minutes. I've noticed that I'm getting more REM sleep, because I'm experiencing many more dreams.

A fabulous sleep product!

I have been taking Restful Sleep for quite sometime now, and will never let it go away. I struggled with insomnia for many years. When I started taking Restful Sleep, my sleep improved enormously. I have referred many people to Dr. Amen to buy his products. I believe sleep is so very important, and I am deeply grateful to be getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night:-)

I purchase it regularly.

This is simply the best sleep product I have ever taken. The time release keeps me asleep my full 8 hours. Other products may help me fall asleep, but I wake sooner.

It's working!

It works! The directions say to take up to 4 capsules about 20 minutes before wanting to sleep. I started with 2 but with no effect. I then took 3 and it was remarkable. I slept soundly. I would usually wake up when my husband got up during the night, and I'd have trouble getting back to sleep, if I did at all. With this supplement, I still woke up when my husband got up during the night, but I went right back to sleep.

Very good

I have been sleeping much better and longer every night.

Solved my issue with sleeping

Great product. I am very satisfied. I started taking it and saw results in 3 days later. I can sleep much better now.

Will never be without this product!

I was sleeping between 2 to 4 hrs a night for the last 2 years. I tried Restful Sleep for the first time last night and slept 7 1/2 hrs. I will never be without this product!

I recommend Restful Sleep

In only few days, I found out the difference; this supplement deserves the best rating.

Restful Sleep is a fantastic combination of just the right ingredients for a great nights sleep. I will never be without it!

I have been using Restful Sleep for quite some time & it's never lets me down! I love this product! I look forward to bedtime instead of dreading it.

Restful Sleep Delivers RS

I have found it easier to get to sleep and stay asleep longer (until my 70 year old -- 6 hour bladder demands attention). I find that I am able to sleep longer (a total of 10 hours works best for me so that I feel well rested and re-energized). Two capsules is all it takes.

Only needs 2 pills. Even when I don' t get to bed early, I am not dragging in the mornings.

Just slept 8 hours straight, for the first time in 6 1/2 years!

Very Helpful

Helps calm thoughts before bed so much easier to fall asleep. Quality of sleep is better as well. No longer waking up with brain fog.

YES...Sleeping like a baby!

This supplement really works...sleep longer and feel renewed and refreshed in the morning!

First 4 capsules!

I've tried many things to conquer my sleep deprivation for decades with little long-term benefit. Last night I took 4 capsules. Didn't go to sleep immediately but did wake early and refreshed. I'm so excited! Looking forward to going to bed for the first time in ages! Thanks Dr Amen!

Very satisfied!!!!!

I have not been able to sleep through the night in 17 years - waking up 3 or 4 times each night taking melatonin. Now taking this product I only wake up once during the night. I feel my body is more rested now and I have more energy during the day.

Restful Sleep works!

I have longed to get off of pharmaceuticals for sleep. Restful sleep has done this for me and for those I have recommended this product to.

Does what it says - naturally.

Restful Sleep does what it says - it helps you to sleep restfully, through the night. I've had insomnia for years and have tried various products and this is the first product I've tried that works. I'm hesitant to take any kind of sleep aid, so I started with one capsule which helps, but two do the trick for me. I recommend this product to those who need help sleeping.

Restful Sleep

Quiets mind and emotions, provides peace enabling easier sleep.

Restful Sleep Now Every Night

Full sleep is now possible for me every night without restlessly waking up in the middle of the night.

Better sleep!!

I have tried so many sleep aids and Restful Sleep is effective. I take 2 every night.

Deep Sleep

Restful sleep gives me a great night's sleep! I get 8 hours most nights and am so deeply grateful. When I first went to the Amen Clinic to have a brain scan I was averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night. I take the Restful Sleep product because I so love how deeply I sleep when taking it.

No hang-over

The best part of this supplement is that I wake up with out any of the drugged, hung-over feeling that the OTC sleep meds left me with. I sleep well, and don't have disturbing dreams like one others left me with.

This is a product I will always use as it is THE best I have ever used.

This is THE best sleep product I have ever used. I sleep well every night since using it.

I wish it was a bit cheaper, but it is worth it.

I am on month 2 of taking this product and have continued to see how effective it is at helping me ease into a deep sleep. I definitely wake up less often throughout the night, and when I do, I go right back to sleep quickly. Very Much Recommend!

Insomnia Resolved!

Began experiencing insomnia within the last year. This is the first product in a long line of products that I've found to be helpful. And it's all natural and no "hang over"!


This product really helps me! I have frequent insomnia. Restful Sleep helps me almost every night get a good night’s rest! There are a few nights where I still have trouble, but on average my sleep is much better! I don't wake up feeling groggy, and I feel well rested. I recommend this product all the time!

Restful is right! ZZZZZZZ

This product is unique in that it supports healthy sleep patters and sustained sleep. You don't feel like you've been drugged and not able to function in the morning. So good to get a good nights sleep!

It's the BEST for a good night's sleep

Our house runs or should I say sleeps on Restful Sleep. I get 7 hours of solid sleep now where before I was lucky to get 4. No lingering tiredness in the morning. It's the BEST for a good night’s sleep. It's good stuff.

Welcome to a good night's sleep

Restful sleep is a marvelous product which invites one's brain and body into a very good night's sleep. I love the GABA that is in it, in addition to the other supplements all of which enhance sleep. This is a wonderful product.

My favorite!

I really have had great results from this amazing supplement!!! Thankful for this!

I really like Restful Sleep and it works very well for me

I take two capsules every night before I go to bed and I am quickly asleep and sleep thru the night. No after-effects in the morning.

Great product!

beautiful sleep

It is just the right amount of relaxation and boost for good sleep and rest. I have tried many natural sleep aids and this is one of the best.

An excellent product

Having struggled with sleep for many years because of Candida, I love this product. It allows me to sleep deeply most every night.


Still using it. Now on autoship so I do not run out. It has helped me tremendously, and is still proving to be very safe, and effective. Recommend it to everyone!


No hangover feel. Sharp in the morning too.

natural sleep...

I've never had sleep problems in my entire life. So thankful to have found this natural product!! to use whenever I need it!!

Used several different sleep supplements, nothing worked like this.

For years, I have had difficulty falling and staying asleep. This product has been my first success. So far, I am only using one or two capsules, and it has helped. Most products I have tried have Melatonin and Valerian, so it must be the other ingredients in combination that make this one different.

Great product!

This is the first supplement I've found that actually helps me sleep through the night. Most of them still leave me awake at 3 AM. I am really excited to finally have an answer for getting a full nights sleep.

Fall asleep gently.

When I took other sleep aids, they "fought with my brain" to make me sleep, I woke up exhausted. With restful sleep, I fall asleep gently and wake up gently.

It was a great deal!

This two for one deal was just what I needed! I can sleep now! Hooray!


For the first time in years I now can sleep through the night. Even when I get up to go to the bathroom, I can return to sleep easily. Thank you!

This supplement is PHENOMENAL!

As a Holistic Health Coach, one of the most common complaints I get from my client's is a lack of sleep. In my many years of trying products to help with sleeping, I have never come across a product that works as well as "Restful Sleep" does on the FIRST NIGHT!

Not only does it quiet and calm the chatter of a busy mind when you first lay down but it gives you a good, deep, solid, sleep ALL through the night AND DOES NOT give you that "sleep hangover" that most other supplements do.

You feel refreshed and well rested the next morning. I highly recommend this supplement to my client's and everyone that has any type of challenge sleeping.

A "must-have" for my OCD child

My son, 14 years old, has taken Restful sleep for over a year. We use to take a different supplement that helped calm his thoughts at night, but he had to also take melatonin...but now, with Restful Sleep, everything is in one supplement. We love the calming factor as well as the two types of melatonin (fast acting & delayed).

Great Sleep Aid

I tried this at the recommendation of a friend a year ago. It seems to work faster than Melatonin, and not leave me with a groggy feeling in the morning which I've often found using Melatonin.

The best natural sleep

I love these. They really work to provide natural sleep and you can take everyday. They relax and calm the mind for better sleep with no side effect. Thank You

Calms the Brain So You Can Sleep!

As a post-menopausal female, sleep can be difficult to achieve and maintain. Restful Sleep is the only product I have found that helps "turn the brain off" so I can sleep well. I normally have no difficulty fallng asleep, but without the product, I do not sleep deeply, and tend to wake up during the night. Then once awake, I cannot fall back asleep. With Restful Sleep, I either sleep all night or if I do wake up, I can fall asleep again quickly and stay asleep. My dosage is usually one or two capsules, rarely three, about a half hour prior to bed, depending on how much stress I'm under.

Restful Sleep gives you exactly that!

I took this supplement after having great difficutly sleeping due to much stress in my life. It helped me have peace and calm so I could sleep. I also liked the facts that they are not addicting and better for you than medication. Thank-you Dr. Amen!

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Ingredients & Facts

Restful Sleep’s five ingredients help you fall asleep, stay asleep and enjoy a better quality of sleep.

  • Vitamin B6
    Also known as pyridoxine, helps with the production of neurotransmitters (serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine, GABA), which need to be balanced for healthy sleep. It helps promote relaxation and enhances your mood.
  • Magnesium
    Known as "the relaxation mineral," magnesium plays an important role in hydration, muscle relaxation, energy production, deactivation of adrenaline and sleep. It helps calm brain neurons, helps initiate sleep and enhances overall sleep quality.
  • GABA
    Gamma-amino-butyric acid (GABA) is an amino acid and neurotransmitter which inhibits excessive firing of neurons, resulting in a sense of calm. Supports the body’s natural mechanism for quieting the mind.
  • Valerian
    An herb used traditionally for centuries its calming and sleep-inducing effects. Valerian may work through the GABA receptors, which calm brain activity when activated. It supports deep, restful, quality sleep.
  • Melatonin
    Melatonin is a hormone that helps regulate your sleep/wake cycle. The aging process, traveling through time zones and certain medications can all affect melatonin production and wreak havoc on your sleep. Melatonin promotes restful sleep and healthy sleep patterns.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 4 Capsules
Servings Per Container 15
Amount Per Serving % DV
Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxine HCI,
20 mg 1000%
Magnesium (as glycinate and malate) 100 mg 25%
GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid) 750 mg
Valerian Extract (min 0.8% [4.8 mg] valerenic acid)
(Valeriana officinalis, root)
600 mg
Melatonin (immediate release) 5 mg
† Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silica.

Free from milk/dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, eggs, corn, artificial colors, or flavoring.

Dr. Amen talks about Restful Sleep

Restful Sleep delivers my most effective, recommended nutrients to ease you to sleep every night

The Science

Sleep is essential for healthy brain function. Restful sleep uses a combination of nutrients that support the regulation of circadian rhythms which will promote an enhanced quality of sleep and reduce daytime fatigue.

  • Magnesium
    Magnesium is a natural N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist (NMDA) and GABA agonist that is an important regulator of sleep. In two double-blind randomized clinical trial of insomnia in the elderly, supplementation of magnesium effectively improved sleep efficiency and sleep time when used alone1 or in combination with melatonin and zinc.2 Low magnesium levels have been associated with chronic inflammatory stress and sleep deprivation.3 Oral magnesium supplementation has been show to reverse endocrine changes related to poor sleep quality. 4
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    4. Held K, Antonijevic IA, Kunzel H, et al. Oral Mg(2+) supplementation reverses age-related neuroendocrine and sleep EEG changes in humans. Pharmacopsychiatry. Jul 2002;35(4):135-143.
  • Valerian
    Valerian (Valeriana officinalis) is a perennial plant native to Europe and Asia used therapeutically for its calming effects. The mechanism of action behind the sedative properties of valerian is through activation of the GABA receptors,1 which results in the release of the inhibitory neurotransmitter GABA in the synaptic cleft. More recent evidence supports its effect on adenosine and 5HT-5a receptors2,3 which are located in a region of the brain involved in regulating the circadian system.Valerian has been shown to ameliorate sleep issues in menopausal women.4 Meta-analysis on several randomized clinical trials support the use of valerian for improvement of sleep quality, although caution is involved in interpreting the results due to differences in methodology.5,6 The use of valerian to restore healthy sleep habits and calm has been reported since the times of ancient Greece and Rome and the therapeutic uses of valerian for insomnia were described by Hippocrates.
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  • GABA
    GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is an amino acid that regulates excitability of the brain through GABA receptors. It is essential for brain metabolism and functions to decrease neuronal activity and inhibit nerve cells from excess firing. GABA has mild relaxation properties and can enhance mood and support sleep. Clinical studies on GABA are limited but electroencephalogram (EEG) studies demonstrate the efficacy of GABA supplementation on increasing alpha band brain wave function, which serves to induce relaxation and alleviate stress.1,2
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  • Melatonin
    Melatonin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pineal gland in response to light and dark and is an important regulator of the sleep cycle in the body. Melatonin supplementation helps you to get to sleep quicker as well as to improve sleep duration throughout the night. It has potent antioxidant properties1 functioning to reduce oxidative stress within the nervous system2 and enhance immune function. Melatonin regulates circadian rhythms and research supports its efficacy as a sleep aid in individuals with poor sleep quality and daytime fatigue.1-3 Chronic sleep deprivation can result in impairments in immunity and cognition with research supporting the use of melatonin in restoring these functions through its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.4,5 In a randomized, placebo-controlled trials have shown the impact of melatonin on improving sleep quality and mood.6 This hormone naturally declines with age making it an essential nutrient to promote a restful sleep.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take Restful Sleep?
Take one to four capsules of Restful Sleep 30-60 minutes prior to desired bedtime or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Will Restful Sleep make me feel groggy the next day?
No. Restful Sleep is specially formulated to be safe and non habit-forming. It will not make you wake up groggy or irritable the next day. Instead, you’ll feel awake and refreshed.
Can I take Restful Sleep if I am nursing or pregnant?
Restful Sleep is not recommended for use in women who are nursing or pregnant.

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