At BrainMD we are always striving to offer high-quality supplements and nutrients that are specifically developed to improve the lives of others, starting with their brains. With continuing research and studies, we develop our products only when they meet our high-quality and potency standards while being sufficiently backed by research. In our New Arrivals section you can expect to see the forefront of this research with our new brain-healthy supplements.
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  • Lithium Orotate

    Lithium Orotate

    An ultra-pure source of lithium that promotes a healthy mood and positive attitude.

  • Magnesium Chewables

    Magnesium Chewables

    Support your memory, learning and overall alertness with this potent mineral nutrient. Keep calm and boost your brain with magnesium.

  • Bundle Of Joy

    Bundle Of Joy

    Combines our Smart Prenatal supplement with Omega-3 Power for the ultimate pre-and-post natal support for mom and baby!

  • Smart Prenatal

    Smart Prenatal

    A high-quality pre-and-postnatal supplement that is both nourishing and safe, formulated to support mom and baby during this most crucial period of development!

  • Bright Minds Memory Bundle

    Bright Minds Memory Bundle

    Our tasty memory powder bundled with 2 bottles of Omega-3 Power for maximum support and savings!