Provides phosphatidylserine (PS), a nutrient concentrated in the brain and clinically proven to improve mental focus and memory for words, faces, names, and numbers.



Full potency, soy-free PS (phosphatidylserine), the nutrient most proven to promote memory for names, faces, words, and numbers.

Improves Memory
In double-blind clinical research trials, PS enhanced recall of names, faces, words, and numbers, and improved verbal fluency. PS is better documented for these benefits than any other nutrient.

Powers the Brain's Trillions of Nerve Cell Connections
PS is an essential building block for cell membranes, which organize enzymes and other proteins into molecular complexes to optimize the body's life processes. Our brain's nerve cells use membranes to make their trillions of information transfer connections (synapses). The brain's billions of nerve cells also need PS for releasing the neurotransmitters that power their synapses. PS promotes the actions of 4 major brain nervous system transmitters: acetylcholine, dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine.

Essential for Brain Cells to Make Energy
Our brains use 20% or more of all our energy. Its huge nerve cells are energy guzzlers that make more than 90% of their energy in micro-power plants called mitochondria. PS is essential for the mitochondria to function.

Promotes Overall Brain Health
Being essential for nerve cells to make energy, maintain their synaptic connections, package their chemical transmitters, and perform other membrane related functions, PS supports healthy attention, learning, and other cognitive functions at all life stages. Clinical trials and other studies indicate PS especially promotes brain health in people aged 50 and older.


Love it!

Loving it. I feel so much more awake and clear headed.

Game Changer!!

I've seen a marked difference with my recall and memory using this product. I'm sticking with this one!!

LOVE THIS PRODUCT...won't ever be without it.

I have noticed much more clarity and focus since using this product. Those times you walk in a room and forgot what you went there for...those are decreasing rapidly. I was also having stomach issues and tried everything. Since using this product my stomach issues are a thing of the past. I have no idea how it is working on my gastrointestinal issues, BUT I AM SO VERY grateful!!! It has given me my life back and I am now able to eat and retain nutrients.

Great product

I started taking NeuroPS with NeuroLink and see great results. I feel that my thoughts and words flow much easier then prior.

I may stop taking it if the pain continues or increases.

I am taking 1 capsule a day, and my cognition cleared and focused a bit. After two weeks, I started to notice increased joint aches that I had slightly pain before. Today the joint pain is very noticeable.

Very appreciative of this

I started taking this after I had been taking Focus and Energy, Serotonin, and Brain and Memory Power Boost. I started noticing after a few days that I was remembering names better which is a big challenge for me. i have decided to permanently add it to other supplements I am taking. Very grateful for these.

It has helped my husband.

A homeopath suggested this for my husband and I can tell a difference when he is NOT taking his NeuroPS.

If you start to develop headaches while taking this, know that you're not alone. Just know that not every product is suited for all people.

This product has given me headaches.

NeuroPS has benefited my cognition when dealing with chronic pain

Chronic migraines and chronic daily headaches can make it difficult to focus and to recall information. However, since taking NeuroPS for several months, I've noticed my ability to concentrate, recall information, and remember words has improved. NeuroPS has been beneficial in dealing with the cognitive aspects of chronic pain!

My brain felt like an energizer battery that's fully loaded on day one. My husband also says that this gives him so much energy that he starts to sweat :).

The first week that I took this was awesome!!! I was already taking the brain and body power max, serotonin and I added this. I was very alert and loved it, however I felt weird as I continued to take it daily hence the 4 stars. It felt like I was experiencing the opposite effect. I'm not fifty yet but my husband is and I noticed that this gives him cognitive stamina along with the power max. I will only be taking in preparation for my tests and other cognitively challenging situations.


So far, I have definitely noticed an improvement from taking this. It has only been a month but I'm excited to see more improvements. I'm remembering a lot more than I used to. Such as names or places or people and even numbers. It's great! I'm so happy.

Really helps

I have had challenges with my memory. I have seen improvement after taking NeuroPS. NeuroPS helps me to think more clearly and allows me to stay focused at work instead of losing track every few minutes of what I was doing.

Advance Prep for those Rough Weeks

You know when you have a rough week ahead. Be sure to get your regular rest and eat properly to function optimally. I add this supplement in when I know I'm going to have one of "those weeks". In layman terms - this ensures brain nutrition FOR SURE. So I don't go through the bottle all that fast (don't use it as a daily supplement) and I find for me, I'm making it through the rough weeks with better mental sharpness and attention.

NeuroPS for names, faces, really works

I have been flat out amazed how this product truly provides me with better recall of names, words, and faces. NeuroPS really changed my life.


This makes me focus better and seems to help with my memory.

It has helped my brain!

I started taking NeuroPS because I wanted to go back to college and needed to improve my cognitive functions. I was able to take my first ever online class and passed it with an A! Now I know I can finish all my classes thanks to NeuroPS.

I recommend this product for all the family

I am 55 y/o and have struggled with my memory of words. I feel that NeuroPS really supports me in having improved memory…so much so that I am doing better on my tests! I will recommend this product to my husband.

Excellent Product

I took mainly to improve my brain circulation, but did not realize all of the importance and functions. It really works pretty well. I took yesterday and do not know what happened but today I was full of non-stop energy!

Good product. I feel a lot more balanced with mental clarity.

This product supports me having more focus, mental alertness and concentration.

An amazing nutrient

NeuroPS has been part of my Dr.Amen supplement regimen. Phosphatidylserine is so important to a healthy nervous system. I feel like NeuroPS has been a key element in my regimen.

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Ingredients & Facts

  • PhosphatidylSerine
    PS (phosphatidylserine, pronounced fos-fa-tie-dil-see-reen) is a phospholipid nutrient present in all our cells but especially concentrated in the brain's nerve cells. PS has been extensively researched in humans, animals, and cultured cells, and is the most proven nutrient for memory, especially for recall of names, faces, words, and numbers. PS is an essential building block for cell membranes, the dynamic structures that link the nerve cells into trillions of information transfer connections (synapses). The brain's billions of nerve cells also need PS to package neurotransmitters into membrane structures for subsequent release into the synapses. PS also is fundamental to the membranes of mitochondria, the microscopic power plants that generate energy for the nerve cells. PS supports brain health at all ages, and is especially documented for memory and other cognitive benefits in people aged 50 and older.
Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 Capsule
Servings Per Container 30
Amount Per Serving % DV
PhosphatidylSerine (PS)
(as Sharp PS® Green
from sunflower lecithin)
150 mg *
* Daily Value (DV) not established.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (vegetarian capsule), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

Free from milk/dairy, gluten, wheat, yeast, soy, eggs, corn, sugars, or artificial colors or flavoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take NeuroPS?
With a meal. One veggie cap per day is a good maintenance dose, two caps per day provides the dose used in most of the clinical trials. Higher doses may be appropriate, as recommended by a nutritionally-informed physician. If you forget to take a dose it's okay to double up on the next dose.
What is a phospholipid?
Phospholipids (PL) occur naturally in all known life forms. They are versatile emulsifiers used widely in commerce. PS and other PL are essential not just for making our cell membranes but for protecting the digestive tract and joint linings, for lung gas exchange, for the bile digestive fluid, blood coagulation and clotting, immune system disposal of dead cells, and numerous other life functions.
Are there any allergens in NeuroPS?
Earlier PS supplements came from soy, which can be allergenic. The BrainMD Health team sourced high-purity PS from sunflower, and used the minimal other ingredients necessary to make hypoallergenic vegetable capsules.
Can NeuroPS work for people younger than 50?
Yes. There is substantial and promising clinical research with PS for children through to the very elderly.
Is NeuroPS safe to take?
Yes. Very safe and extremely well tolerated, after more than a quarter century of human research.

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