New Branding and Formulas

BrainMD Health

In keeping with our commitment to excellence and to better serve our customers, we're excited to announce that we are changing our supplement line name from The Amen Solution to BrainMD! The new BrainMD name better reflects the professionalism and efficacy of our outstanding supplements.

For more information, read the FAQ's below:

  • Why did MindWorks/The Amen Solution change the name to BrainMD?

    In keeping with our commitment to excellence and to better serve our customers, Dr. Amen decided to undergo a complete rebranding initiative of The Amen Solution product line. Our new BrainMD name more accurately reflects the professionalism and efficacy of our outstanding supplements. The new packaging and labels are now more vibrant, simpler and easier to read.

  • Have the formulas changed?

    Yes, we enhanced eleven of our top formulas! Dr. Amen partnered with Dr. Parris Kidd, MindWorks’ Chief Science Officer, to assess and optimize each formula for maximum efficacy. Dr. Kidd is an internationally recognized researcher with more than 30 years experience in developing dietary supplements for the brain and body. Each BrainMD product enhancement is based on the published knowledge base of successful clinical trials and other scientific research showing the safety and effectiveness of specific herbs and nutrients.

  • Which products will have formula updates?

    We are excited to announce that eleven products will have new and improved formulas:

  • What should I do if I have questions about the new formulas?

    If you have any questions regarding specific formula updates, you may wish to review the detailed product page and/or contact our customer service center at 888-850-5287.

  • Have any of the product names changed?

    Yes, we’ve renamed both of our All-In-One nutritional supplement system products:

  • Are there any new products being formulated?

    Yes! Understanding the importance of probiotics to both brain and body health and having received numerous requests for a brain-directed probiotic supplement, we are thrilled to announce our latest product, ProBrainBiotic! Dr. Amen wanted to provide an easy way for people to get the healthy gut bacteria that is so closely connected with overall brain and body health. ProBrainBiotic not only supports a healthy gut, but also promotes a healthy stress response and memory.

  • Has the Auto Delivery Program changed?

    The discount amount for all supplements ordered on Auto Delivery is 15% off the regular price. Coupon codes can be used on qualifying offers for the first shipment of a new Auto Delivery order only. Discounts cannot be combined and the greater discount amount will always apply. FREE Shipping is available on all Auto Delivery orders to the 48 contiguous US states.

  • What is different about the BrainMD website?

    The new website incorporates several new features to make it easier for you to navigate and use. Some improvements include brand new, highly engaging product pages, a cutting-edge blog featuring the very latest educational articles and videos, and the time-saving ability to sign in directly from social networks with a mere push of a button. As a special bonus, there’s also a free trial program for Brain and Body Power!

  • Why am I seeing two versions of labels and bottles in my order?

    During this time of transition to the updated BrainMD packaging, we will move through our present inventory of The Amen Solution products. You may receive products with the updated BrainMD labels in the same shipment as products with the The Amen Solution labels, or even multiple bottles of the same supplement with both versions.

  • Why am I seeing as the URL now instead of

    As part of our ongoing branding effort, BrainMD is transitioning our website URL from to However, both web addresses will take you to the very same website.