Jumpstart Your Future

Brain Thrive by 25 Course

Learn how to optimize the developing mind for real-world success

In this course, Psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen M.D. and Professor Dr. Jesse Payne will share with you everything you need to know to maximize brain power before 25, to unlock your brain’s full potential. Rich with specific techniques and strategies, this online course (with downloadable supporting materials) was designed to teach teenagers and young adults practical, relevant and applicable brain enhancing skills to care for, nourish, protect and optimize their brain now. Ultimately, creating new healthy habits will help shape a high performing brain.

Improve Learning and School Performance

Empower yourself with brain healthy skills that will prime you for relevant real-world success.

Bring Out Your Best Self

Get the confidence that comes with a stronger mind to elevate everything you think, feel and do.

Take Control of Your Future

Master your health, emotions, relationships, and academics to create a brighter future.

Chart Your Course for Greatness

Possibly the Most Important Course for Your Future Life

Help your brain work better for you. Discover exciting new "brain power" activities, exercises and daily habits to boost your mental focus, and make your good brain "great"! This course is the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions by teens and young adults, "Am I ready for what's next?" If you're a parent, guardian, educator, or you are that student, this course was made for you!

Watch as Dr. Amen personally walks you through a step-by-step program to enrich you with brain life skills and strategies to help you live a vibrant, fulfilling adult life.



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