Healing Anxiety and Depression

A revolutionary approach to treating anxiety and depressive disorders. By Daniel G. Amen, M.D. and Lisa C. Routh, M.D.


Healing Anxiety and Depression

Healing Anxiety and Depression

A revolutionary approach to treating anxiety and depressive disorders

Daniel G. Amen, M.D. and Lisa C. Routh, M.D.

Anxiety and depression are not the result of bad character or weak will. When either are diagnosed and treated correctly, the quality of life for millions of suffers, and their families, can change dramatically.

Healing Anxiety and Depression is based on the authors' discoveries that

  • Anxiety and Depression commonly occur together
  • These illnesses are, in large part, the result of brain dysfunction
  • These illnesses occur as specific types related to multiple brain-system problems

Dr. Amen and Dr. Routh explain the science behind these discoveries in terms that will be understood and appreciated by both those who suffer from these illnesses and the clinicians who treat them. Case histories include before-and-after brain SPECT scans of individuals who have been successfully treated.

A detailed questionnaire enables readers to identify which type of disorder they (or someone they know) may have. A proven treatment protocol is described for each of seven major categories.

Those who suffer from anxiety and depression will find this ground-breaking resource a powerful tool that will provide help and hope today.

Healing Anxiety and Depression

Soft cover book, 342 pages


An excellent book which validates the experience of those who live with anxiety or depression or combinations thereof. It provides direction based on sound evidence which in itself has a calming effect.

I especially appreciate the categorization of anxiety/depression types which differs from the DSM. My personal experience with anxiety is much broader than the DSM and this book hits home. Thank you, Dr. Amen and Dr. Roth. I found this book at the perfect time in my journey.

True Blessing

This book I have just started. I have already learned about my ADD, now I get to learn about my anxiety and level of depression. I have three that are high scores and describe me totally. I am learning how to cope and manage my other issues that come with ADD. I have realized the more I learn about my behavior the better off I am to others and myself. This book gives also gives me hope to know that their are other options to learn, and ways to better deal with anxiety and depression. Great information and wonderful help. I would recommend this book and any other book on this website. Thank you!!

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