End Emotional Overeating NOW [PROGRAM]

A Breakthrough Program to Take Control Over Food and Your Life


End Emotional Overeating Now

End Emotional Overeating NOW [PROGRAM]

A Breakthrough Program to Take Control Over Food and Your Life
Daniel G. Amen, M.D. and Larry Momaya, M.D.

Many of us turn to food when we feel stressed, frustrated, mad, sad, fearful, anxious, or even happy. For many of us, emotional eating has been encoded in our brains since we were small children.

Overeating can also be tied to a traumatic event or series of events, such as physical or emotional abuse, an accident, or witnessing a disaster. The brain’s memory centers shift into overdrive and the events, the emotions, and the way you ate to soothe yourself become etched into your Unconscious. This can create a pattern of emotional overeating that you will repeat over and over again.

That’s part of why losing weight can be so hard. Your Conscious mind knows what you need to do to lose weight—eat right and exercise, for example—but your Unconscious mind fights back. It resists rewriting that code that has been laid down over years and years. Your Conscious mind rationally tells you, “Don’t eat the cheesecake because it is loaded with fat and calories.” But your Unconscious mind urges you to replay your habitual scenario, “Eat the cheesecake! It will make you feel better.”

What if I told you that you could get your Unconscious mind to stop fighting you and start helping you instead? You can!

In this program you get:

  • End Emotional Overeating NOW 144 page book
  • 2 Disc Audio Set             

Disc 1:

  • How to work with your own Unconscious Mind to help End Emotional Overeating Now
  • Discussions on Hypnosis, Time Empowerment Techniques® 
  • TimeLine Therapy® and Disconnecting the Bridges from the Past
  • Eliminate culprits like ice cream, French fries, lattes, chocolate, etc. by using a powerful technique to stop unhealthy food cravings
  • And much more!

Disc 2:

  • How to work with your own Conscious Mind to help End Emotional Overeating Now
  • How to use “ANT Therapy” to respond to automatic negative thoughts which contribute to emotional overeating
  • How to use The Work of Byron Katie® - a transformational process which helps with stressful beliefs
  • Discussions and examples on Diaphragmatic Breathing and Meditation techniques
  • And much more!


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