Healing ADD at Home in 30 Days

Understand Healing ADD at Home in 30 Days and learn to succeed with them. In this online course, Daniel G. Amen M.D. and his wife, Tana, give you a completely new way to look at and help manage ADD. Based on over 30,000 ADD/ ADHD brain SPECT scans, Dr. Amen discovered there are different types, each requiring its own approach.

“Discover a balanced life. With the support you need to succeed. On your own terms.”
- Daniel G. Amen, MD

Healing ADD at Home in 30 Days

Comprehensive, thorough and powerful — this course was designed to teach anyone with ADD, or anyone who has a loved one with ADD, the tools and strategies to succeed in the classroom, work, relationships and in life. It’s a step-by-step guide, comprised of 30 short lessons to help manage your specific type of ADD.

What You'll Learn

  • • Build healthier, happier relationships (for stronger connections)
  • • Increase productivity (and get more done in less time)
  • • The different types of ADD, including which one(s) you are likely to have
  • • Conquer impulsivity (with strategies to drive you into action)
  • • Stay ahead of the game (with action plans for any mood)

Class Materials

  • • 30 online video lessons (with downloadable audio and transcripts)
  • • Healing ADD at Home Online Journal
  • Healing ADD Through Food eCookbook by Tana Amen

Bonus Gifts

  • • Exclusive Q & A video session with a live studio audience
  • • Bonus Footage of deleted scenes from a TV special

Dr. Amen talks about Healing ADD at Home in 30 Days

Don't let ADD or ADHD hold you back. Discover your potential.

Bring Life into Laser-Focus

In this course, you'll discover how to:

Get Unstuck and Eliminate Procrastination

Learn how to maximize your time and follow through, so you can get going, working, growing, and moving forward.

Increase Focus and Ignite Motivation

Discover practical techniques to significantly amp up your attention. Even with ADD you can significanty improve focus and motivation.

Take Back Control and Start Loving Life

Take back your power. Learn how to manage your ADD to accelerate your academices, career, and/or relationships.


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cant wait to get started

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Very comprehensive. Should make a huge difference!

If you are just beginning your journey into the ADHD world and/or you're looking for a different perspective about different types of ADD, this is a pretty good course.

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Is a good course. To be honest, I fell out of sync with it because it's something that I'm doing on my own and well, doing it on your own sucks. But I have found it helpful, especially articulating the different types of ADHD which I didn't know about.

Very usefull!

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It´s very useful for the ones who have ADD or their family members and friends.

Just wonderful!

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I was referred to your book by Amy Walker and I purchased this program for my grandson diagnosed with ADHD. I am so pleased that I purchased your book and program as I found out I have ADD as well as my grandson. I now plan to purchase your supplements for both of us. Thank you so much for this program because it has so been so enlightening and supportive.