Change Your Brain Masters Course

In this course, Psychiatrist Daniel G. Amen MD will uncover the rules of the brain, how its invisible forces guide your life and how you can gain the power to redefine their influence—and create a foundation for a better brain and life.

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“You are not stuck with the brain you have. You can make it better.”
- Daniel G. Amen, MD

Change Your Brain Masters Course

Packed with powerful tools and exercises to improve your brain health, and easy-to-follow strategies, it’s never been easier to implement the Amen Clinics Method into your life. This online course with downloadable supporting material was designed to give you the opportunity to elevate your mind, body, relationships and nutrition.

What You'll Learn

  • • 12 Principles to improve your brain and your life
  • • How to empower yourself with each brain system
  • • How to connect with healthier, deeper relationships
  • • Dr. Amen's secrets to eating brain healthy
  • • Discover natural ways to enhance your brain
  • • The Amen Clinic's Alzheimer's Risk Reduction Program

Class Materials

  • • 12 online video lessons
  • • 12 downloadable worksheets
  • • Know Your Important Numbers Guide
  • • One Page Miracle Exercise

Bonus Gifts

  • • Natural Ways to Heal the Brain Audio Program
  • • Feel Better Fast Audio Program
  • • Change Your Brain, Change Your Relationships Audio Program

Dr. Amen talks about Change Your Brain Masters Course

Discover your full brain power.


Maximize Your Potential

In this course, you'll discover how to:

Boost Mood & Sharpen Focus

Discover easy to implement lifestyle choices to optimize your brain and make life more enjoyable.

Become Your Best Self

Discover your true potential with a mind that's bigger, stronger and younger.

Determine Your Destiny

Live life on your own terms with a thriving, healthy brain to help and empower you.

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View Course Outline

1.   12 Principles01:17:31

Discover the foundation to change your brain and your life.

2.   The Amen Clinics Method00:48:48

Find out how to use the 4 Circles for a balanced, comprehensive approach to achieving optimal brain function.

3.   The Limbic System00:54:10

Learn about emotions and motivations like fear, anger and pleasure.

4.   The Basal Ganglia00:59:31

Learn about anxiety, motor movements and how to stop feeling nervous.

5.   The Prefrontal Cortex and Cerebellum00:28:49

Learn about the "executive control center," attention and impulsivity and how to achieve total focus.

6.   The Anterior Cingulate Gyrus00:31:08

Learn about worry and obsessiveness and how to get unstuck.

7.   The Temporal Lobes00:47:55

Learn about memories and images that help us define our sense of self.

8.   Brain Typing00:22:10

Explore the subtyping of ADD, anxiety, depression, addictions and obesity and the natural prescriptions for each type.

9.   The Brain in Relationships00:52:14

Explore how brain patterns directly affect relationships in your life.

10.   Brain Healthy Nutrition01:15:45

Learn how to nourish the brain for optimal performance and the brain gut connection.

11.   Natural Ways to Heal the Brain00:34:06

Learn how to do self-hypnosis.

12.   The Amen Clinics Alzheimer's Risk Reduction Program00:37:55

Learn how to take care of your brain for the rest of your life.


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