The Brain Warrior's Way Book

Develop mastery over your brain to prevent Alzheimer's disease, combat depression, reverse aging and improve overall health. Ignite your energy and focus, attack illness and aging, and transform pain into purpose.

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“When your brain works right, your body works right, and your decisions tend to be thoughtful and goal directed.” - Daniel G. Amen, MD

The Brain Warrior's Way Book

Take Back Your Memory, Mood, Focus, Energy & Sleep

Fuel your body with brain-healthy foods and supplements in order to optimize your brain and fight Alzheimer's, depression, obesity, and a host of other illnesses with the help of New York Times bestselling authors Daniel Amen, MD and Tana Amen, BSN, RN. The Brain Warrior's Way is your arsenal to win the fight to live a better life. The Amens will guide you through the process, and give you the tools to take control. So if you're serious about your health, either out of desire or necessity, it's time to arm yourself and head into battle.

In The Brain Warrior's Way, Daniel and Tana share how to develop Mastery over your brain to prevent Alzheimer's disease, combat depression, reverse aging and improve overall health. In these books, you'll find over 100 simple, delicious recipes that support the principles of the Brain Warrior's Way to heal and optimize the brain–an essential resource for anyone who wants to provide their bodies with the proper fuel to boost energy, focus, memory, and improve your quality of life.

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Gain Mastery with a Brain Warrior Mindset

Join Daniel & Tana Amen as they show you step-by-step how to stay healthy and win the war for your health.


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Life changer

The BWW has changed my life for the better. There was so much I didn't know that was hurting the health of me & my family. With some small changes, we are living better & I hope to stop the trend of autoimmune diseases for my children. They are 5 & 7 and have gotten dad on board (which is more than I could do). Thank you for this gift! #lifechanger

Excellent Resource

An excellent resource for anyone who offers Wellness Coaching. Also a great resource as a follow-up to the Brain Warrior's Way program. And a wonderful gift for anyone with family or friends who are in denial about their brain health.

BWW is a raod map to excellent health, it's not just physical fitness but brain fitness

Great information - inspiring!

I am now a Brain Warrior!

Informative, insightful, motivating, and a quick read. I find most of Dr. Amen's books written in good structure. This book sheds light on the toxic food industry. I would never allow myself to become a victim to that world again.

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