The Brain Warrior's Way Class

The Brain Warrior’s Way is a unique and powerful program and the only one of its kind to improve the health of your brain and body. Daniel and Tana Amen share how to develop mastery over your brain to prevent Alzheimer's disease, combat depression, reverse aging and improve overall health.
“Gain mastery with a Brain Warrior mindset. Strengthen your brain and body for the rest of your life." ~ Daniel Amen, MD

The Brain Warrior's Way LIVE Class

The Brain Warrior's Way Class

The Brain Warrior’s Way is a unique and powerful program and the only one of its kind to improve the health of your brain and body. It is grounded in scientific research and designed to help you live with vitality, a clear mind and excellent health – even if you are struggling or are in pain right now—and even if you’ve made unhealthy choices for many years. This program will help you turn your health around so you can wake up feeling good inside and out every day.

By following the Brain Warrior’s Way, you will transform the health of your brain and body, and the brains and bodies of those you love and care for. The new science of epigenetics have taught us that your habits turn on or off certain genes that make illnesses and early death more or less likely in you, and also in your children and grandchildren. The war for the health of your brain and body is not just about you. It is about generations of you.


Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers.

A class you don't want to miss! I know so many people that if they only took the time to watch this they would be healthier.

This class was so informative. Dr. Amen and Tana are very passionate about helping everyone to be healthier. I learned so much! AND it has motivated me to learn more. Thank you both!

Doesnt really do anything for me because of my TBI. Wish i could speak with Dr Amen himself for a few min, but thats not going to happen:(

Had a TBI 7yrs ago & things are getting worse, rather then stable or better. Going to get spect scan. The live class is interesting. Unfortunately doesnt really do anything for me:(


So much helpful information and support to help you follow through with your life style changes.

I began implementing the info, changing my diet etc. After a little over a month my anxiety has dropped, my mood has improved and my PMS is gone (period still uncomfortable but moodiness is gone). I went into this as a fairly "healthy" person, meaning: I was not over weight (135 lbs., 5' 6") and ate fairly well. But I knew something wasn't working with my body as low mood and worries have always been a constant battle. Lately I have noticed that I have only had the odd "blue" feelings and they have been so brief I forget them easily and am not getting stuck on them and getting sucked into a black hole as I was before.

It is amazing what simply removing sugar can do for you! It's worth it.

I am so thankful to Dr. Amen and Tana for providing this amazing resource and support for people. They have made wellness accessible to anyone with their sacrifice of time and research.

Best class ever

The class is 6 months long and you learn so much. It really helps to have it once a week; that way you can implement what you learn and it sinks in better. They really explain thoroughly and the illustrations are great so you get the point and remember them; such as sheep dog, Biff and Laci, anteater. The Dr and his wife are so down to earth and don't speak over your head. I look forward to it all week long. They are so motivating with the science to back it up.

Great info/love it

Great information. I am currently reading "The Omni Diet" and I have learned a lot about what's really in our food. Although I am not doing the lifestyle completely, I am making changes and substitutions that I hope will benefit my family. I am taking the Brain and Body Power vitamins and my memory and focus are improving. Thank you so much!

Great info, great results.

I am loving this class. It takes all the best information out there and presents it in a clear and understandable, usable way. I am finding that it gets easier to apply as I go through. To the extent that I do what they recommend, I get great results. The more I follow, the better it gets.
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