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  • [AUDIOBOOK] Reclaim Your Brain

    [AUDIOBOOK] Reclaim Your Brain

    A prescriptive guide to restoring cognitive calm, based on Amen Clinic Chief Psychiatrist Dr. Joseph Annibali's three decades of treating patients who suffer from overloaded, over-stimulated brains.

  • [CD] The Heart Codes

    [CD] The Heart Codes

    Start your day in being thankful! The gentle rhythms and heart opening melodies of this CD will assist in relaxing you and bringing an awareness of the things you are grateful for in your life. By Barry Goldstein.


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  • [CD] Element 5

    [CD] Element 5

    Utilize this music to create positive intentions for your day. By Barry Goldstein.

  • [CD] Ignite the Heart

    [CD] Ignite the Heart

    Moving away from peak performance during your day? Nothing can inspire or motivate you quicker than a powerful and inspiring piece of music. By Barry Goldstein

  • [CD] Ambiology 1: The Heart

    [CD] Ambiology 1: The Heart

    This CD is excellent to utilize when you feel anxiety creeping into your day. By Barry Goldstein


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  • [CD] Ambiology 5: Eden

    [CD] Ambiology 5: Eden

    This harmonious composition is composed at 60 beats per minute and is excellent for freeing up the analytical mind, and sparking our imagination and creative juices. By Barry Goldstein


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  • [CD] Ambiology 6: Genesis

    [CD] Ambiology 6: Genesis

    This CD will assist you in moving your heart and brain to a more relaxed state that is conducive to sleep. By Barry Goldstein

  • [CD] The Brain Warrior's Way Music Program

    [CD] The Brain Warrior's Way Music Program

    A special music program that will enhance your brain and your life, by Barry Goldstein.
  • Magnificent Mind with Medical Hypnosis CD

    [CD] Magnificent Mind with Medical Hypnosis

    Magnificent Mind with Medical Hypnosis, with Sessions for Peak Performance, Overcoming Anxiety, Enhancing Sleep, Weight Loss, and Pain Reduction allows listeners to benefit from Dr. Amen’s 27 years of using medical hypnosis.

  • Natural Ways to Heal the Brain

    Natural Ways to Heal the Brain [5-CD Set]

    Natural Ways to Heal the Brain is a 5 CD set where Dr. Daniel Amen goes into detail on natural ways to heal the brain.

  • Your Ultimate Brain/Body Makeover

    [CD] Your Ultimate Brain/Body Makeover

    In this exciting 6 CD audio set Dr. Amen and his staff give you many practical ways on how to improve both your brain and your body.

  • [CD] Raising ADD Kids

    [CD] Raising ADD Kids

    This is a must listen for any parent whose child has been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. Dr. Daniel Amen calls upon not only his many years of clinical experience in working with ADD kids and their parents, but also his personal experience of raising three ADD children himself!