Why Multiple-Mechanisms are Better for Your Memory

Your brain gets sick or it ages in many different ways, and that is exactly how we assess and optimize it.

Assessing and targeting multiple processes like inflammation, blood flow, cell membrane health, and more can make a radical difference in your brain function.

Single-mechanism interventions, such as taking just single supplements like chromium or vitamin E by themselves, have not consistently worked in large-scale studies to stave off cognitive impairment. But when we use smart combinations to fight the war for brain health on multiple fronts our effectiveness significantly improves.

One such combination formula is BrainMD Health’s Brain and Memory Power Boost. This is the supplement formulated to help in our brain enhancement work with active and retired NFL players. When used in conjunction with a brain healthy program, we demonstrated significant improvement in memory, reasoning, attention, processing speed and accuracy. It was so effective that I take it everyday.

Brain and Memory Power Boost includes the super-antioxidant N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), phosphatidylserine to maintain the integrity of cell membranes, huperzine A and acetyl-l-Carnitine (ALC) to enhance acetylcholine availability, alpha-lipoic acid to improve cellular energy production, and vinpocetine and gingko biloba to enhance blood flow. This is a novel combination of powerful antioxidants and nutrients essential in enhancing and protecting brain health. It supports overall brain health, circulation, memory and concentration.

Some of the prettiest looking brains I have seen through our imaging work are those on ginkgo. Ginkgo extract comes from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree, the oldest living tree on the planet, dating back roughly 200 million years! It is a powerful antioxidant that is best known for its ability to enhance circulation, memory, and concentration. Studies show that ginkgo extract supplementation supports healthy cerebral blood flow, which brings more oxygen to the brain, promoting cognitive health.

However, as I mentioned earlier, single-mechanism interventions are not nearly as effective as multiple-mechanism interventions. This proves true for ginkgo as well – thankfully, clinical research supports that the effectiveness of ginkgo is substantially increased when combined with phosphatidylserine.

Phosphatidylserine is a phospholipid, one of a unique molecular category that are essential building blocks for all our cells. Though phosphatidylserine is essential for every cell of the body, it is highly concentrated in the brain where it is crucial for information transfer between nerve cells at the synapses. It is also essential for the mitochondria, the cell’s energy generators.

Furthermore, ginkgo biloba has been shown to improve working memory when combined with vinpocetine, an alkaloid compound prepared from the periwinkle plant (Vinca minor).

If you want a mind that’s clear, sharp and powerful, consider trying Brain and Memory Power Boost – an all-star lineup of potent nutrients that protect circulation in your brain, boost brain circuit function, and promote mental sharpness.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here is a recent testimonial to the power of Brain and Memory Power Boost:

“Yesterday my husband and I had a fun revelation about your Brain and Memory Power Boost. We ran out about 3 weeks ago. Confession time….we have both REALLY noticed that there has been a drop in focus and memory. Just a little edge has been removed. I can hardly wait to get back on track.

Last year at this time I stopped taking them for about month just to see if I noticed anything and boy, oh boy, did I! My husband and I are feeling the same thing again. We will never go without a big supply of Brain and Memory Power Boost again!! NEVER NEVER NEVER!!”

~Jill C.


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MARY Burns

Where can I purchase the “Brain and Memory Power Boost” formula at?

Jenessa Beazer

Hi there, You can purchase the Brain & Memory Power Boost here! https://brainmd.com/brain-memory-power-boost It’s also included in our supplement daily packs called Brain & Body Power.