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3 Foods to Avoid When You’re Stressed

  Why is it that when we get stressed we begin to crave exactly the opposite of what is good for us? For many of us that struggle with stress, as soon as we...
Reason to eat fruits and vegetables

A NEW Reason To Eat More Fruits and Vegetables?

Here’s one that you probably never heard before: Eating fruits and vegetables, can make you happier, according to research. Scientists from Dartmouth College and the University of Warwick analyzed the eating habits and mental health...
Outsmart Cravings

6 Ways to Outsmart Your Cravings

Do you struggle with a lack of willpower and self-discipline? If you see a tray of warm, fragrant brownies or a deliciously cheesy pizza, is there just no stopping you? For many of us,...
6 Ways to Kick Sugar to Curb

6 Ways To Kick Sugar To The Curb

Back in 2014, in order to address a serious problem that is out of control, Berkeley, California became the first city in the United States to tax sugary drinks. Subsequently, many other U.S. cities...