6 Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Water

We all know that drinking water regularly is good for the body. But most of us probably don’t realize just how important being properly hydrated is for our health. In fact, every system in the human body counts on water to function.

Approximately two-thirds of the adult human body is made of water. And did you know your tissues and organs are mainly made up of water? Your brain is 80% water, your muscles (including your heart) are 75% water, your blood is 83% water, your lungs are 90% water, your skin is 64% water, and even your bones are 30% water!

It is important to think of water as a nutrient your body needs. Here are 6 specific ways drinking water and staying properly hydrated will tremendously benefit your health.

1. Great Brain

Since your brain is mostly water, drinking it helps you in a number of ways, including:

  • Improving concentration and cognition
  • Helping to balance your mood and emotions
  • Maintaining memory function
  • Increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain
  • Preventing and relieving headaches
  • Reducing stress

2. Weight Loss

Drinking water helps you lose weight by acting as an effective appetite suppressant so you will feel fuller and eat less – all with zero calories! Drinking plenty of water also prevents fluid retention, because your body won’t try to retain water if it’s getting enough.

Additionally, multiple research studies have demonstrated that drinking a large, cool glass of water will increase your metabolism by 24-30% for up to 90 minutes.

3. Detoxify

Your body fluids transport waste products in and out of your cells, while your kidneys and liver flush those waste products and other toxins out of your body. However, this process can only work properly and efficiently if you are well hydrated. When you are not drinking enough water, you are at an increased risk of developing kidney stones and experiencing urinary tract infections.

4. Maintain Regularity

Sufficient hydration keeps things flowing along your gastrointestinal tract and helps prevent constipation. Water helps dissolve waste particles and passes them smoothly through your digestive tract. If you’re dehydrated, your body pulls water from your stools to maintain hydration, leaving your colon dry and making it more difficult to pass waste.

5. Healthy Muscles

Being adequately hydrated is very important when exercising. Drinking water helps prevent muscle cramping and lubricates the joints in your body.

Additionally, drinking water can actually make your muscles stronger. Water carries oxygen to the cells of your body, including those of your muscles. Being well hydrated enables your muscles to work longer and harder before they feel tired, and this will help you build muscle.

6. Youthful Skin

Your skin contains lots of water and functions as a protective barrier to prevent excess fluid loss. Drinking plenty of water hydrates skin cells and plumps them up, making your face look younger. Water helps to replenish skin tissues, moisturizes your skin, and increases the elasticity of your skin. It also flushes out impurities and improves circulation and blood flow, helping your skin glow.

As you can see, proper hydration is critical to health and vitality. It is recommended that you drink at least 84 ounces of water a day.

But who really likes to drink plain water all day long? Try BrainMD Health’s Brain Boost on the Go – a convenient way to add nutrients and flavor to your daily hydration.

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The benefits of drinking enough water are innumerable. Apart from those listed here, another benefit is that by keeping yourself hydrated you are able to keep fatigue at bay which helps re-energize you, improving your productivity at work. Great post. Thanks for sharing

stella moorman

This blog is very helpful. It kept me interested in knowing what water does for us other than keeping us hydrated!


thank you for useful information for healthy life………thanks a lot.


I didn’t know that if you drink water, then your muscles will cramp less and your joints will move better. My leg muscles keep on having problems like that when I go running lately, and I was wondering how I could solve it. But one of the reasons why I don’t drink a lot of water is because I don’t like the flavor of my city’s supply. It’s a problem. Maybe I should put in a water well so that I can get better tasting water to keep myself healthier.

Leviticus Bennett

I have heard of people using detox cleanses but I didn’t realize that they could be done with water. It’s also interesting to know that they lower your risk for kidney stones. Getting purified water is probably important to make sure that you are not taking in toxins when you are trying to flush them out.

Alexandria Martinez

I was talking to a friend the other day about her interest in getting a bottled water delivery service. She was trying to understand what the added benefits might be. She would be pleasantly surprised to read that it will help her get youthful skin.

RO System

Amazing blog! This information is very helpful. Thanks for sharing this.

tamil T

Thanks for sharing the health benefits of drinking purified water.

Martin Jones
I’ve been reading on the benefits of drinking water for a while. And I submit that there is no doubt that water is the best way to keep our body healthy mentally and physically. Everyone should have this habit especially in copper vessels. I have been drinking water in copper vessels for a long time. I’ve seen many changes in my body health wise. I use Vasanti Health’s copper vessels in my routine life. Plus drinking warm water is even more great for our body. The combination of drinking warm water in the copper vessel is like icing on the… Read more »
Sydney Chiropractic & Massage

Like this article Health Benefits of Drinking Water keep writing ..everyone knows few things about diking of water..but that info should be read …cause it’s article help to know more knowledgeable info about it

Jane Steen

Coffee is my favorite drink but whenever I stumble upon a post about water I can’t resist not to read it. This post is a great one! By the way, I wanted to read that “Brain Boost on the Go” mentioned at the ending of this post but it’s 404. Hope you could fix it. Thanks!


Thanks for sharing amazing benefits of water, Keep posting such useful articles. I have just read article about water safety @ https://www.pureitwater.com/PH/things-check-your-refilled-water-bottle . I request you to write on “water safety” article.

I want to know more about it.


Thanks for sharing. You have shared really amazing benefits of drinking water. We should drink 8-10 glasses in a day for good health. But always make you that you are drinking pure water. Because impure water may cause many Water Borne Diseases.

Water Purification Systems

Abirami N

Hai ,have a great day.Thank you for sharing your ideas with us,Keep it up.water wil give good health mineral for our health.And specifically which is should be in the purify level.Do you want purify water for your healthh please visit this page RO water purifiers in chennai

Aaron Sonnenberg

I love water.

stella moorman

I really enjoyed reading this vlog. I like how it included information about the health benefits of water including things like hydration, digestion, and our overall health of drinking water.