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8 Ways to Help Your Teen Overcome Screen Obsession

8 Ways to Help Your Teen Overcome Screen Obsession Even though technology has improved our lives in profound ways, it has presented us with many unique challenges. While it’s true that technology has many upsides, it’s also frequently misused or overused. With its prevalence and predominance in our society, it’s...

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5 Ways to Help Students Combat Negative Thoughts

  5 Ways to Help Students Combat Negative Thoughts “I’m so stupid.” “I’m always messing things up.” “No one wants to be with me.”   Sadly, these types of negative beliefs are common for many kids. They become ingrained in their brain from the cruel things others say and from...

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The One Thing You Should Never Forget to Pack

The One Thing You Should Never Forget to Pack The weather is nice and you’re ready to get outside for some fun. Whether you’re hanging out at the beach, hitting the trail for a hiking or mountain biking adventure or just taking a road trip to get out of town,...


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Brain-Boosting Ingredients Series – Ashwagandha

Brain-Boosting Ingredients Series – Ashwagandha If we are what we eat, we’re made up of much more than the meal we cooked for dinner. It’s important to pay attention to your ingredients. Here at BrainMD, we offer supplements with ingredients that improve brain health and the functioning of many of...

wellness weekend guide

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Wellness Weekend Guide: 10 Ways to Reset & Recharge

Do you feel stressed out all the time? Do you have low energy or mood? From time to time, everyone encounters periods of exhaustion. There could be any number of reasons for your physical or emotional slump. Fortunately, there are also plenty of potential solutions to your burnout blues. The...

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The Ultimate Self-Care Guide: How to Put Yourself First

The Ultimate Self-Care Guide If you’ve ever flown on a jet, you’ve heard the safety instructions that are announced over the speakers before the flight. You might remember the part of the script that says: “In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically descend...

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Get To Know Our Free Trial Program

BrainMD’s Free Trial Program At BrainMD we know that we have a lot to offer when it comes to quality and ultra-pure supplements. We also know that it can be tricky to decide which one is right for you without trying it beforehand. That’s why we offer Free Trials for...

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6 Common Attention Issues & Solutions for Staying Focused

6 Common Attention Issues & Solutions for Staying Focused Do you have trouble concentrating in class or during meetings? Do you get antsy when listening to a speaker for an extended period? Does your mind drift from one random thought to another, never really focusing on the topic at hand?...

Strategies to Fight Fatigue

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Healthy Strategies for Fighting Fatigue and Exhaustion

Healthy Strategies for Fighting Fatigue Stress is a normal and unavoidable part of living. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or station in life, no one is immune from the busyness of modern living. From work or school to shopping and paying bills, or just doing the many things that are...

Top 10 Best Snacks for Studying

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Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Studying

So, you’re trying to hit the books…but does it feel like they’re hitting back? Maybe you’re studying for a major exam but just can’t seem to retain any information. Or perhaps you have a ten-page paper due tomorrow and just can’t get motivated to sit down at the keyboard. If...