The BrainMD Promise

At BrainMD Health, we’ve dedicated our careers to helping people feel better by creating the highest quality nutritional products for optimizing and balancing brain health. Backed by decades of experience, our clinical research team incorporates the latest scientific findings in creating a wide array of specialized formulas that support brain function, energy, memory and learning, mood, stress reduction and sleep.

We think it’s important for you to be an informed consumer so we’re committed to providing you with educational resources on the clinical research behind our products and the science that supports our choice of ingredients that comprise our superior grade nutritional formulas.

The integrity of our work and our belief in the importance of helping people inspires our commitment to excellence every day in creating the best nutritional products possible.

Our Values

Our Products

The nutritional ingredients in our BrainMD Health products are specifically designed for the health of the organ that controls everything we do, think and feel—the brain.

In addition to scientific rigor, we have the clinical experiences of physicians at Amen Clinics to help us continually improve our products by informing us of client responses and effectiveness.

Your brain health is important to us and we consider our BrainMD Health customers part of our family. We want you to be satisfied with every aspect of doing business with us—from our products and customer service to our 90-day money back guarantee. When you feel better and your family is healthier, we know we have done our job well.

Meet the Experts

Daniel G. Amen, MD
Founder and CEO of Amen Clinics, Inc.
Dr. Amen is a double board certified psychiatrist, clinical neuroscientist, brain imaging specialist, distinguished fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, New York Times bestselling author, and named by Sharecare as the web’s #1 most influential mental health expert and advocate.
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Robert R. Johnson, DO
Medical Director and Psychiatrist at Amen Clinics
Dr. Johnson is double board certified in general psychiatry and addiction medicine, and has served as the Medical Director at Amen Clinics since May 2013. His previous roles include five years as the Medical Director of Sierra Tucson, an internationally recognized facility for the treatment of...
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Parris M. Kidd, PhD
Chief Science Officer / Director of Quality Control
A native of Jamaica, Dr. Kidd earned his B.Sc. with First Class Honors in Zoology from the University of the West Indies, then his PhD in cellular and developmental biology from the University of California at Berkeley. Subsequently he pursued an academic career that included teaching...
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