“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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  • Why You Want To Make Sleep A Priority

    If you have followed my work, then you likely know that I recommend three simple strategies to achieve optimal brain health. Develop brain envy (you have to really care about it) Engage in regular brain-healthy habits Avoid anything that hurts your brain But did you know that one of the fastest ways to hurt your brain is to get less than seven or eight hours of sleep at night? That’s right! In fact, chronic insomnia triples your risk of death from all causes and is related with cognitive...

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  • Animal-Tested Benefits (It’s Not What You Think!)

    There are many reasons to take dietary supplements. At BrainMD we have supplements to enhance and balance your mood (Serotonin Mood Support), promote calm (GABA Calming Support), and to reduce the effects of stress (Everyday Stress Relief). But there are so many other things you can do to naturally support the health benefits of these supplements. We are always promoting the benefits of a brain healthy diet, consistently adequate sleep, and proper exercise; however, it is the health benefits...

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Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers.

Great protein!

OMNI Protein Chocolate

Great product! Easy to use and it mixes well. Taste wonderful!

By Teresa

Products are Great... Shipping? Not so Much.

Brain & Body Power Max

I have confidence in the products that I buy from Dr. Amen and his team. I feel they are well vetted/sourced and the dosages truly are standardized. I am especially pleased to know the care that goes into the preparation of the fish oils.

I am noticing very subtle improvements in cognition - especially when doing simple tasks like adding columns of numbers in my head. My working memory (I believe that is what is is called) seems to be improving and I am able to retain more information which allows me to get things done more quickly and with less stress.

The value of this bundle, especially on auto delivery, is exceptional and makes these high-quality supplements affordable to the average consumer. Do the math....it adds up when you figure out all the other supplements you can eliminate.

The only downside is that "free" shipping to the East Coast is excruciatingly slow and needs to be improved (USPS flat rate would be faster than UPS ground, and probably cheaper).

Other than that...I'm in for the long haul! Thanks Dr. Amen!

By Nej

Great product!


I take this every morning! It gives me the pick up and go that I need to get my brain going! A great product!

By Peggy

Brings distinct mental clarity & focus. Calms rapid-fire thoughts vying for my attention; quiets that chatter and enables me to think clearly & identify my priorities.

Brain and Memory Power Boost

Some days, when brain fog strikes, I meander through the day feeling like I never quite woke up; my thinking is muddled, scattered, unfocused. My brain feels like it's in a cloud. But this product lifts those clouds & gives my brain a distinct, noticeable boost. The fog is gone. I can think clearly. I'm able to focus. Other days, my brain may not FEEL "foggy," but I realize my mind is rapid-firing on a vast array of priority tasks I must do that day (or that moment) that all seem equally urgent; these tasks ping-pong around in my brain, each demanding: "Do me first. No, do ME first. No, I'm more important than all those other tasks!" and so on. But this product QUIETS all that rapid-fire chatter in my brain; it calms my thoughts & enables me to CLEARLY evaluate which tasks are, indeed, the most important. This product helps my brain sort through & DECIDE which tasks I must perform first, then next, and so on. Some days I don't need this product at all. But, on those days when my brain lacks clarity & focus, this product absolutely provides the boost my brain needs to get focused, think clearly, and be productive.

By Chris