“This is one of the best brain-health supplements available, offering support for a wide range of cognitive functions including focus, memory and mental clarity.”
– Daniel G. Amen, MD

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  • How To Make Healthy Living Fun For Your Kids

    Every child in this country should be physically active, well-nourished, and healthy. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, childhood obesity has increased from 4% in 1982 to 32% in 2015, an 800% increase. Obesity increases inflammation, a low level fire in the body that destroys our organs, and is a risk factor for over 30 medical illnesses. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, obese youth are more likely to have: risk factors for cardiovascular disease, such...

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  • How Your Brain is Like the Universe

    Your brain is the most complex, mind-blowing organ in the universe. It is estimated to have over 100 billion neurons (also called nerve cells or brain cells), which is about the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Each neuron is connected to other neurons by up to 40,000 individual connections (called synapses) between cells. Multiplying 100 billion neurons times 40,000 synapses is equivalent to the brain having more connections in it than there are stars in the universe. A piece of...

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Don't take it from us! Listen to these happy customers.

Good quality, non fishy Omega 3 supplement

Omega-3 Power

I like this much better than other Omega-3 capsules I have tried. It has no odor and if I burp after taking it is a pleasant citrusy smell/taste rather than fishy. Will keep ordering.

By Jill


Brain and Memory Power Boost

I originally thought 2 caps of this product was enough, but it was only after I took the suggested dose of 4 caps did it kickin. After that I felt more awake, alert & focused & did not have that groggy feeling that I would feel upon awaking. GREAT PRODUCT.


Packaged so you can remember to take it

Brain & Body Power

A very nice package that I started with when I started with the web program - brainfitlife. This provides a package of what my brain needs, and I've seen such grand improvement since I started! Its easier to remember to take it morning and night - the box is out by my water - and I see it when I get up (take my morning dose!) and when I prepare for bed (take my evening dose!) I didn't have to figure out which combination of supplements was best - this is the package that Dr. Amen takes daily - and I'm so glad I've decided to follow in his steps.

By Diane

Keeping my life orderly with Focus

Focus and Energy

I began taking Focus about a year ago. I had so many ailments to deal with that I took it by faith since it was recommended (along with several other supplements) for my brain type.
Now, one year later I'm feeling SO much better and stronger in every way. A month ago I ran out of the Focus and didn't bother to order it, thinking I probably didn't really need it anymore.
I was SO wrong. At first I didn't know why I was finding myself wandering from task to task without completing anything. Mornings lost their luster, for I was in a fog that hadn't bothered me for many months.
I looked at all I was doing...and not doing... and realized I was no longer taking the Focus. Could it be that!?!
I have started taking it again and my ability to maneuver from task to task is improving! I definitely know it is helping me! I am doing so much better overall, now that it is easier to experience which things are truly beneficial.
I highly recommend Focus if it has been suggested for you. Or maybe you just sense that it is something you want to try.

By Chell