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"If you want to feel your best, look your best, and do your best thinking, you have to give your brain high quality nutrition." - Daniel G. Amen, M.D.

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  • When most people hear about bacteria, they think of germs, illness and its reputation as the bad guy. However, unlike the bad bacteria that can cause disease, probiotics are the good guys – the beneficial bacteria that are critical to maintaining good health. Did you know that one of the best ways to a healthy brain may lie in your gut? It’s true! Most people don’t realize that their intestines hold about 3-4 pounds of bacteria that are involved in practically every aspect of your health. In...

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  • Do you often find yourself feeling cranky? Do you reach for food throughout the day in an attempt to calm down or feel better? Or more than anything, do you just really crave a better mood? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone! Research has shown that the foods we eat have an impact on mood, proving you really are what you eat. Food can influence your mood – it can make it worse, or it can make it better. Add these good mood foods to your diet for a delicious mood...

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Results after 2 boxes, big change and happiness
Brain & Body Power Max

I already have finished the second box of brain & body power max. I am so happy and amazed with this product because of how my life has changed since the 1st week I started to take it. Thank you Dr. Amen, 1 million of thank you, you are my "health bodyguard angel". God bless you!!!.

By Yahaira sue

A good foundation
Brain & Body Power

This is one of the most comprehensive vitamin combinations that I have seen and I love the added focus on brain health. Initially, I was deterred by the cost but when I added up what I was spending on individual supplements, the cost is reasonable if you go on auto-delivery. I have noticed a slight improvement to mood and am considering ordering the Brain & Body Max next time and possibly some of the specialized supplements.

By Kristine

Great protein shake
Omni Protein Chocolate

I have tried a lot of protein powders that all seem to lack one thing or another - taste, fiber, consistency, low sugar, and even certain nutrients. However, Omni Protein tastes great, mixes well and keeps me feeling full longer. I have also noticed a marked difference in mood and energy when I start my day with an Omni Protein smoothie.

By Kristine

An amazing product
GABA Calming Support

I so love Dr. Amen's supplements. This is the first time I have tried GABA Calming. I take it if I feel at all stressed about something, and it helps me calm down, and also helps me sleep. A great product!

By Tanda